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Inside the Studio .. See what's going on behind the microphones in pictures - AND Now with the original SOUND!! If you'd like to have a tape of a previous show to listen to offline, please  write Maureen at restore881fm@aol.com. Tapes are $20. Can't hear the show you want? Please let us know so that we can trouble shoot it. (Click on email above) April 15th show-'Theater of the Air' is working now. Thanks for your patience.

July 8'04-Our Environment Under Attack Again - Amy Goldsmith, NJ Dir of Environmental Federation Answers Your Q's Listen & Take Action. Amy tells you how. What's the EZ Pollution Pass? Update on Casino and Convention Hall Bond.


July 1'04-Restore Celebrates 4 Yrs on the Radio on The 4th of July with guests-   Tony Bocci Amato & Nick (Palace stuff) Mancini. And explores the question, Who ordered the destruction of yet another destination point? Click Listen to the show now...

City of AP Parade Pix 



Jun 24/04-The Irish Prince Graces Restore!!  Tom O'Leary Hisself

& Dan, the man behind the throne...Listen 

Carrignacurra   This Week's Guest's Manse -

Jun 17/04-Lisa & Vince Light Up Restore -Listen Now

Lisa Lam of www.Side-O-Lamb.com

Vince Campanele, CPA, Pres. Greater Asbury Park Chamber


June 10- Beachfront Ownership, Vendor Boardwalk Rights - Did We Give Away the Farm? Listen to studio guest Jim Keady, callers atty Tom DeSeno, restoration developer Rich DePetro, historian Werner Baumgartner, Save Tillie member Corey Maccaro, Dinner Winner James Grabe... 



6/3/04  Show with John DeFalco & authors, actors, the Black Box  click

May 20 - Eminent Domain in Neptune, l-r Rebecca Blonsky, Randy Bishop, Jim Manning, Yvonne Braime and Dorothy Argyros in action.     Special Thanks to Manning & Bishop for buying our theme song CD, "Sail On" by Tom Boyd. All proceeds go to The Booker Cancer Center at Riverview Medical Center! Listen to the Show 






May 13 Show featuring the music of Virago - listen More Pix of Show   DeFalco's News - Update on the Palace & Carousel House & facts on Lou Gehrig's Disease - You can win 2 Tickets to Clearwater's Asbury Jam May 16. Be the first to identify the drum Mary Tashjian is playing.






May 6 - The Palace Coming Down -What Will We Lose, When We Lose The Palace Amusements on Monday 5/10? Listen to 6 historians on What's Worth Saving?



 The 1880's Carousel House for one? You could make a difference:1) Email the city mgr, Terry Reidy, now, 2nd address for Reidy. Ask him to delay the demolition of the Palace complex.2) Gather at City Hall Mon. 5/10 at 8:30 AM 3)Pass it on!!   Participants on this show -Ocean Grove: Kevin Chambers, Deal: Tom Foley, Interlaken: Marie Sylvester, Allenhurst: Rich Fernicola, Asbury Park: Werner Baumgartner, Interlaken: Peter Luchia. Did Fernicola really put up his $1 million+ to get things going? Hear for yourself! You could make a difference - Email the city mgr, Terry Reidy, and ask him to delay the demolition of the Palace complex. To win Dinner for Two at Insano - What 1850's English building inspired the Carousel House design? That was fast! Charlie L. of Ocean Twp listened on the archive and won by 10:48 AM 5/7.





April 29  -Carrie Potter wants to Revive her grandad's Upstage Club. She flew from her home in Waco, Tx to break the news of her grand plan with you on Restore by the Shore!! Listen to this show.

April 22  Merchants on Restore!! Listen

























14 Merchants!!-A Restore All Time Record!!

 Listen to Marge Burney, of When Pigs Fly, shares a hug with Kimberly Moore, of Just Kil'n Time, r-Wish You Were Here's Tony & Chris wait their turn with Mike Erwin of Home Design.

April 15 -'Theater of the Air'-this week's show



 l-r Actors Ted Landers, Randy Hardwig & Rae Tutela, Shangazi on the cam MSPTV











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Feb 5 Carter Sackman , Sackman Enterprises, on Steinbachs and other projects

Listen to the Show Now: This family-owned dev. and prop. mgt co. specializes in historic restorations. Hear their plans for the Steinbach building, the former Elk's Club on Park Avenue, the PNC Bank building and the old Asbury Park Press building!!  Click here for photos of building projects. The Ownership history for the project located at 1701 Park Ave (the former Elk’s Lodge) is: Erected: 1913, Owner: Gustave G. Barnett (born 1869 died 10/30/1952 - 83 yrs old) Retired NY Real Estate Operator and former Deputy Fire Commissioner, during the administration of Commissioner John Scanlon. Lived in Asbury Area for Fifty years and was known as an exhibitor of show dogs including a number of of champion Pomeranians. Thanks, Carter~

Jan. 29th - Focus on Undocumented Workers L-R Attorney Mike Detzky, Frank Argote-Freyre, Rev. Pierce, Second Baptist Church, Freehold, and Mohonrry Hidalgo. Click here for Freehold Mayor Wilson's statement. Click here to listen to part 1, here for part 2 of the show. Comments  see artist Rodrigo E. Villarroel below...

Please visit www.pridetoanation.org




























Jan 22 -   Chris Tomaino & Cristin Hubbard Do Cabaret Tommy DeSeno, in the studio, on the Scariest Part of Ascary Park!!! Hint: it wasn't the horror house. A Taste of NJ Rep's New Underground Rep! - Music, Music!    Listen to 1st, 2nd half of show  Notes   Comments & Eminent Domain Debate





Jan 15 -Our show featured ~Ames Adamson, star of NJRep's "The Circumference of a Squirrel" (thru Feb 15th) and Barbara Leskinski on taking back AP Redevelopment for the people - Listen Ames is fabulous in "Circumference..." his one man show!!! John Walch is a master of language. His circularly plotted scenes are brilliantly executed thru James Glossman's direction. With the agility of a squirrel, Adamson has us eating out of his hand every minute. Note: yes, the park bench is specially constructed for his hijinx by the very  talented scene designer Jessica Parks.

Jan. 8-04 Show - Playwright Robert King - Listen to the show click here for second half of show

with actress Rosemary DeAngelis -Bob lives on Sunset Ave, in Asbury Park. His play, "The Best Man" was performed in a reading at NJRep's Lumia Theatre, Jan 11 and 12. l-R:  Narrator, Doris Dunigan, (Ronnie) Ed Baccari, (John) David Foubert, (Rita) Rosemary De Angelis, (Patrick) Michael Grenham, and playwright Robert King. A first rate script performed by a terrific cast. We hope to see a full production of "The Best Man" very soon! - NJRep apparently agreed! "Best Man" is on their short list of contenders for the 2005 season.

Dec 18 - Special Christmas Show!! Frank D'Alessandro reading his satire, Maire Martello tells the story of Virginia O'Hanlon -"Yes, Virginia...", city historian, Werner Baumgartner, and Katie McDowell, 14, live in the studio and Corey Maccaro, 11, via phone. Listen here

Dec 11 - Harpist Marlene Satter & Scoop Martello with the AP News!!

Marlene Satter msatter@erols.com is a hospital-certified harp practitioner, trained in the Bedside Harp program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, in Hamilton, NJ. Hear how the harp has healed the masses through the ages. Or just enjoy her live performance only on Restore 88.1 FM!! Click 




 12/4/03 The Greatest Generation Holds Court on Rosie the Riveter Night 

Read Mail on Rosies' show click  l-r - Jeanette Rusciano, 82, Ruth Carr, 86, (of Asbury Tower), Sam Settimi, 82, of Ocean Township, president of the Veterans Alliance of Asbury Park & junior vice commander of VFW Post 1333, Marianne Kislowski, 60+, of Asbury Tower, and Restore's announcer, Bob Stevens. (Not pictured are call in guests Louise Beverly, 97, of Neptune, and Marie Schiefer, 94, of Neptune.)  Through laughter and some tears, all guests shared their remembrances of WWII - and some of WWI!!!   Listen here Hear Settimi learn for the first time, from Rusciano, how Rosie's on the factory work floor reacted to reports of D-Day. [We hope to resolve soon our temporary sound problems on taped versions. Please bear with us.] For more information on Rosie's visit www.rosietheriveter.org, www.rosietheriveter.net, www.museumonmainstreet.org, www.rootsweb.com/~usarra/

Chinnock Show Draws 300 to Pony in a Blizzard!!!  12/6/03

Hear his new CD "Livin' in the Promised Land" Hear Bill on Restore Radio Nov 20 -Despite the 11 yrs since Bill Chinnock played the Pony and the Fast Lane, this son of Asbury Park's musical history rocked the club with fans who sang every line of "There's Somethin' for Everybody." Win the CD - call in this week or write us with why you should win it. Also a signed poster!!

   11/27/03 - Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

11/20 Vini "Maddog" Lopez - via phone Bill Chinnock- Hear their new music plans- Vini's "Steel Mill Retro" & Bill's "Livin in the Promised Land" & comeback gig at the Pony Dec 6 -Listen to the show- See Bill live at the Pony Dec 6th !!! Win a pair of tickets!! Win Bill's CD!! Be the first to write AsburyRadio@aol.com (One win per person) In the early 80's your Restore Host used to stand in line at the Pony in subzero February winds to see Bill Chinnock perform "Badlands", and later cuts from Dime Store Heroes. Some nights it was a long cold wait - and worth every minute. This week you get a night of Bill Chinnock live from the toasty warmth of your livingroom or wherever your radio is this Thursday - Plus a chance to win 1 of Bill's new CD's, titled "Livin in the Promised Land."  More Thanks Gary Wien of "Upstage" magazine for getting us Bill Chinnock!!

Nov13 -Restore Your Spirit for the Holidays -Listen to this week's show with Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, author & psychologist, & Barbara Knight, physical therapist.Write us to win a copy of Recipes for Enchantment. And latest plans for the 5th Av Pavilion & Arthur Pryor's Band Shell - Take our poll: Do you want the Band Shell to go? Write us. Read what others think.



Nov 6 - Special Host 10 yr old Corey Maccaro, with his guest Dr. Rich Fernicola, on Saving the Palace, then comedians Natalie Wilder, Bricken Sparacino and Annie Figenshu (on keyboard) of NJRep perform some Underground Rep!!


  What do they want to happen to one of Asbury's signature destination points?  Listen How can you get involved? What's your vote on the Palace? Write us





Happy Halloween!!! whoooaaahahaha


   L- Murder At Asbury Park author, Peter Lucia, cradles "Mr Ritz" (a singing skeleton) oblivious to a menacing Bob 'Dracula' Stevens - R- Sound Engineer, Rod Cole, is more wary.  Listen in now owowowowo!!!  visit www.asburymurder.com


Ghost Facts with Chris Flynn

Listen to (first half) this show from 10/23

and second half of 10/23 show.

10/16/03 show with Upstage magazine Publisher, Gary Wien,  click here



Live 10/9 on Restore- What stopped the music at the Cadillac Ranch? We’ll talk to 2 partners in the venture – Kevin Feehen and Greg Norton: Why was the Ranch closed even though it was breaking even and about to make money? And, What’s a Pocket License got to do with it??? Hear the show now

DEP’s CAFRA Plan – getting your letters out. AND Look who’s in a flood zone? Could it be the Golden Triangle where Asbury Partners wants to build an 8 – 10 story condo tower and 13 townhouses? And 9 more EAST of Asbury Tower? That’s in the second half of the show –  In the First half - Ghosts of Asbury Park with Chris Flynn, an area historian with a flair for the paranormal ~ and speaking of paranormal, will Ascary Park's Eddie Munster show up this week??? / Call in with your own scary story- booarrraahhh!! And Lady Laranah previews Asbury’s Jazz Extravaganza - We'll Give Away 5 pairs of Tickets -And Theater Tickets,too!! Tune in at 8 PM  Then we'll open the mic to callers on the DEP's Preliminary Analysis of the CAFRA Permit –

Oct 2 -Will DEP Ignore Its Own Historic Preservation Office Recommendations on Asbury Park? - More Sound from first half of this series with survey results:  listen now

Sept 25 - Restore's Financial Expert John DeFalco in the Studio/ Maureen Nevin at the CAFRA Hearing Listen Here

Also remote DEP Reps Mum

Could they get any farther away from the audience? No wonder City Mgr Reidy nodded out - unfortunately it was during City Historian Werner Baumgartner's address to the officials; Kevin J. Broderick, bureau mgr of the Land Use Regulation Program (left) and Mark N. Mauriello, program director.

  Hear the show on the Hearing now. More reporting on this site later...

City Redevelopment attorney James Aaron took notes. Hope he's noting the lack of a commitment from the American Water Co to supply water to any more than 2,174 out of the 3,164  units planned. See for yourself- Click here for your copy of the DEP's own Preliminary Analysis of the city's CAFRA application. Write to DEP: Kevin J. Broderick, NJ Dept of Environmental Protection, Land Use Regulation Program, PO Box 439, 501 E. State St., Trenton, NJ 08625-0439

 Sept 18th  CAFRA Prep Show Rocks!!

with planner Debby Massa telling us what we can expect at next week's (9/25) CAFRA public hearing on the AP Oceanfront redevelopment plan. Lots of callers and controversy: Listen Also on this show Henry V with 'When Johnny Cash Came to Asbury,' our Rome friend Lucca Jacavella's piano theme for Asbury Park (recovered from the depths of Maureen's stuff). Comments: read/ write/ Listen

Sept 11 show with DEP about the CAFRA application - listen now



Asbury's oceanfront has been subdivided to allow for private ownership of the pavilions along the boardwalk. The Casino, Convention Hall, and the Paramount Theater are also being sold to a private party- Asbury Partners. The city retains ownership of the boardwalk and beach. Baronet, Fast Lane & Asbury Lanes are scheduled for demo. What else is going?


Sept 4  -Blues Cruise show with Andy B of the Voodudes, Jason's Mel Hood - listen now visit www.thevoodudes.net

 AUG 28 - ASBURY'S BUSINESS So you want to own a business in Asbury - Meet your neighbors!!! Our Show this Week    Listen Now

right - Rita Marano, Deli Diva of the Kingsley Deli, Kingsley Av, Donna Forcier, Mud Job Maven of Ocean Tile & Marble, 3rd Av.

 left  Betty Atkin, Footsteps in Paradise, John & Doris Brown, El Lobo Negro Art Gallery - 'The Art & Soul of the Jersey Shore', below Bill Staub, Artisan Well - All of Bangs Ave.

Summary: Business is picking up, mall-like directory signs would be a big help, more street lighting, better street/litter maintenance, snow removal, a plan for business protections during construction, a newcomers' manual - step by step opening business in Asbury, so code officials, inspectors & owners are all literally on the same page. Listen now

Musical Guest - Carol Lester!! www.carollester.com  listen to that show now


Four members of Citizens for Wesley Lake and Brian Hegarty, president of the Shark River Cleanup Coalition, chat with a representative of Kushner Companies, the developer planning to build up to 740 condos and townhouses on Asbury Park's border with Ocean Grove. Kushner has no one available for the show, but has agreed to answer written questions. We've posed them to Paramount as well. When we receive the answers, we will also post them here. Listen to this show now

Questions for the developers:
1. According to Storm Water Center.net, 67% of contractors are out of compliance with regulations. Non point pollution such as run off from lawns and impervious surfaces is the number one degrader of water quality in NJ. The pending CAFRA application drainage plan calls for 17 runoff outlets: 9 into Wesley, 6 into Deal, and 4 into Sunset Lake. We can’t find any references in the plan or CAFRA application that refer any filtering devices for these outlet points. We of course would hope to see references to state-of-the-art filtration devices. Would Kushner (and Paramount) be willing to put in storm septors or Vortechnics units at each of its runoff outlets?

If yes, do the developers plan to file these plans with the Freehold Soil Conservation District prior to breaking ground?

If no, to either part, please explain your justification…

2. Kushner’s representative, Matt Sprung, said there would be no non-point pollution from the roofs. Such drainage from roofs – including pigeon and other wild life excrement - is a major concern in this area.

What about Kushner’s roof designs will keep this effluent from reaching Wesley Lake?

High fecal coliform counts in Wesley Lake, would eventually end up in the ocean closing our bathing beaches, which is happening right now in Wreck Pond, in Spring Lake. Will this run off end up closing our beaches? What are Kushner and Paramount doing now to ensure that we’re not getting into the same situation?

3. Added lawns pesticides and fertilizers down storm drains into lake, causing nutrient loading in the water body, algae blooms, additional sedimentation and decreased levels of dissolved oxygen. Are Kushner and Paramount willing to put in environmentally friendly landscaping? If yes, will you let us help with the design? If no, please explain your justification.

4. Even to the casual observer, Wesley Lake’s bulkheads are busting at the seams and Deal Lake’s are in need of repair as well. Violent vibrations caused by compaction, a natural part of construction, would further stress these bulkheads. Would Kushner and Paramount Homes be willing to set up a fund now to help restore these lakes?

August 14  - CAFRA -Listen here, visit the CAFRA page

August 7-Beach Access - (below right Mencinsky, lft Rosenblatt)

Loch Arbour Mayor Bill Rosenblatt, M.D., and Andrew Mencinsky, Sea Bright council member talk on how to keep the ocean open to the public.  Listen to this show - then write us mailto:AsburyRadio@aol.com.


 July 31 Show -Learning from Others - How Somerville Restored its Downtown

Rich Reitman of The Reitman Group on Somervilles' plan & Werner Baumgartner, on AP's plans  - Listen to this show now [Sorry for delay. Pete Walton says sound should be back up soon.] Rich worked with a group of concerned citizens and business people to rebuild Somerville's downtown. We can learn much from their trials and errors - and successes. 

July 24, 2003 - Justice Deferred - The Weldon Mystique

and Bob is Back!!  "Ask Bob" Stevens Returns from Hilton Head to tell us all about 'his summer vacation'.

Justice Deferred -Listen now - The Weldon Mystique - For the 5th time since admitting to 3 counts of extortion, former mayor of Ocean Twp & City Manager of AP, Terrance Weldon, has beaten the odds: His July 22 Sentencing was Put off till September. [Note: as of 1/22 Weldon is still a free man.] Ironic for a man who once prided himself on daring exploits. Is it the ultimate in brinksmanship?  In the same span of time that Wall St execs have been exposed and carted off to jail, Weldon still shops and dines enjoying his pension, his $67,000 unused vacation/ sick pay and his freedom.-  -    Who is Terry Weldon? 9 months after pleading guilty to extortion, he still elicits loyalty from pols and childhood friends alike. Have the Feds too Fallen Under the Weldon Spell? Is he the Teflon Weldon? Restore invites Weldon friends and foes this week to explore the man who shepherded the redevelopment plan for one of the last parcels of Ocean front acres on the Jersey shore into signing scant minutes before resigning his public posts in shame. Call 732-774-0779 if you want to participate in this discussion, or call in live to Restore this week 775-0821. Voice your opinion - This is America.

Refresh your memory -Click here for a Weldon Timeline


Studio guests Pete Walton, Werner Baumgartner, Frank D'Allesandro and others discuss the Weldon behind the headlines. Listen to this discussion now. In the future Call 732-774-0779 before the show, 775-0821 during or write us mailto:AsburyRadio@aol.com. Write us your comments on this show mailto:restore881fm@aol.com


July 17 - Eminent Domain / Condemnation- Is It Progress or Land Grab? Litigators, Scholars and Landowners discuss the modern application of a very old law to seize private property. Is it being abused?


       The Bar was well represented: Ed McKirdy, McKirdy & Riskin, Morristown, Dorothy Argyros, retired attorney and condemnee of Neptune, Jack Curley, Hoboken, and Paul Fernicola, Bowe & Fernicola, Red Bank - Subject: Eminent Domain/ To Listen click here  Ex: Curley is surprised that our plan doesn't include an Anti-Land Speculation Provision..         

Studio guests: Paul Fernicola, Esq. of Bowe & Fernicola, in Red Bank, Edward D. McKirdy, Esq. of McKirdy & Riskin, Morristown, John J. Curley, Esq., Jersey City, Dorothy Argyros, retired attorney and resident of Neptune. (All practicing attorneys have represented both sides of this issue: condemnees and condemnors.) Guest co-host Frank D'Allesandro. Write in your questions: Read others' comments: Activism Berliner: Hear the show

July 10 - 2003

[pictured l-r Gary US Bonds, his wife Laurie, John Cavanaugh, and Gary's daughter also Laurie]
The Asbury Park Storyteller Music Series is where artist to come to gallery to meet there fans and talk about their music and how Asbury Park influence there careers in an intimate setting.   The artist will play their music in an acoustic format while they are talking about their music and their memories of the early days in Asbury Park. The Asbury Storyteller Series would usually be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. There will usually be a small cover charge for some of the shows.  The show scheduled so far is listed below and more will come soon. Listen


Jul 10 show -Maire Martello, Brian Higgins, and John Cavanaugh, the Music Storyteller & official fotog of Stone Pony Listen to show Now
August 1st Friday Steel Pier Sinners Band 8pm Tickets $7;
(Asbury Park Storyteller Music Series)

August 8th Friday Sonny Kenn & Vini Lopez 8pm Tickets $8;
(Asbury Park Storyteller Music Series)

August 22nd Friday Jason Shain 8pm Tickets $7;
(Asbury Park Storyteller Music Series)

More information is available by calling Stage Door Canteen at 732-774-7901 or
e-mail at JerseyShorePhoto@aol.com

Restore Turned Three!! June 26th,2003

  They Came ~ They Called-They Partied ~ Listen Here!! Click       732-775-0821 Tune in for Studio Party with Old & New Friends



  July 3, 2003- Wien of "Beyond the Palace" & Peter Scherer of Hwy 9 -

   Author, Gary Wien

On RestoreRadio 7/3- Peter Scherer (L) from Hwy 9, Andy Feldman, fr AP Entertainment Guide, not pictured, Rich DePetro, restorer of Britwoods Court talking about saving The Jersey. Sound is up now!!! LISTEN

June 19th Show-George Michals - Honoring Sons & Daughters - also Redevelopment Rights - what does it mean for owners and taxpayers? Listen in on this show!! Sorry if you were foiled by a busy phone line, we're working on it. You can also email us.


George Kary, Tom DeSeno, atty; 

Kary, DeSeno, Paul Fernicola, atty, Michals - Mr Michals doubled as 2 guests, since he still owns the Ocean Ave property that housed his popular Michaels' Restaurant, which he has no right to develop, under the existing plan.

Film Show-Listen


Film on Air was a huge hit June 12th  - Read All about  it - And Listen


Listen Now to June 5 show with Steel Pier Sinners -

                 - David Messineo, of Sensations magazine appeared on Restore 6/5/03 with 

Trina Scordo & Steel Pier Sinners- Ryan, Trina & MeganListen


 May 29 -NJ Road Runners Bring 10k Back to Asbury -listen to show with Susan Mazzeo and Tom Schaefer www.njrrc.org  Feedback

  Architect Michael Gadaleta www.MG NewYork.com     


Britwoods Urban Renewal's Rich DePetro www.jerseycondominiums.com


Asbury Grand Prix Visits Restore May 22-03

If the race is half as much fun as the show, it'll be a blast!! l-r Ask Bob, Maureen, Skip Bernstein and Carroll Raver. See their plans for the Asbury's Car Show and Car Cruise - and long range plans for Asbury's Grand Prix - Listen up now! And visit AsburyGrandPrix.com  Feedback


5/8/03 - Listen to playwright Joel Gross, update on public access & AP.Net's Exclusive to Restore Radio  - Read Joel's Reviews

May 1 - Ocean Twp. Council Candidates

Ocean Twp Candidates for Council

New Team Won

Listen Now

Read Emails on this Show

Send Emails on this Show

   "New Team"  Councilman David Hiers, Mayor Bill Larkin

Independent Candidate Brian Lefferson (r)

Highlights: Lefferson: taking no outside contributions - using own money for campaign; On former mayor Terry Weldon's Admitted Extortion from Developers doing business with Ocean Twp., Weldon was a friend of his, but did wrong; Developers will have to prove selves to him; wants ice hockey rink, ball fields. New Team limiting contributions from individuals; noted have kept taxes down, project no increase in next 2 yrs. On former mayor Terry Weldon's Admitted Extortion from Developers doing business with Ocean Twp., the candidates described an upsetting time during which they provided leadership for the community. Going forward they promise open government; declined to name largest donors  or amounts to their campaign fund, deferring interested parties to the ELEC's website and hard copy records at city hall; Larkin declined to provide the amount the twp pays the city administrator, on the basis that is a personnel matter. (Note: municipal salaries are public information available to anyone.) Listen to the show!


April 24, 2003

Carol Lester on Restore

with David Dorfman of AsburyBoardwalk.com

Listen Now

Read Emails on this Show

Send Emails on this Show


April 17 - 2003 - Vintage Home Tour Apr. 27

Click for show, right here on the net!!  Rich Gore of Homeowners Association, Historian Werner Baumgartner and Sherry Tomaino on guitar and vocals!!


Week of April 10 !!"Retaining the Essence of Asbury " Listen

Everyone has a slightly different memory of Asbury Park - an image of Asbury that we carry with us. The subject for tonight's show is how to hold on to enough of the things that comprise that Essence of Asbury through the redevelopment process, so we enhance rather than lose the past. Guests: Deal Historian Jim Foley, Peter Lucia (www.noweverthen.com), and architect with AP's Technical Review Committee Michael Calafati. (David Dorfman of ASBURYBOARDWALK.com observes.)

School Board VOTE!!! April 15!

Bd of Ed Candidates Greg Brewington, Shangazi Denson &, by phone, James Keady; Hear their ideas for Asbury's children. Click here to listen. Vote! April 15th! Also on this show, Carol MacAllister, and Patricia Ann Florio,  writers/publishers of 

Writers on the Water's Edge 

Carol, Pat & author Helen Pike looks on.








Writers on... Maureen Nevin, Helen-Chantal Pike, Shangazi Denson, Carol MacAllister, and Dr. Susanna Rich

March 27 Show - April in Asbury Events

                    Playwright/producer Maire Martello (in dark glasses), opera singer Terri Thomas (both of the Black Box), playwright Michael Liberatore, Stuart Koperweis of the GAPChamber of Commerce, and Bhak Tanta-nanta of the Baronet Theatre and Fast Lane. Listen to them here and now.


March 13 - 2-HR Redevelopment Round Table Show (Recovered, thanks to Lucinda Cisler)!! Listen to Part 1, Part 2 -  Note: Our guests the Karpinski's, Mrs. Gokberk, Mr. Kary,  Ms. DeLisi and Werner Baumgartner were not members of the lawsuit on behalf of some 20 Asbury property owners (court date 3/31). Guests Richard DePetro and attorney Paul Fernicola are parties to this suit, as explained during the show.

Our thanks to sponsors: Richard DePetro, of Britwood Urban Renewal, the law firm of Bowe & Fernicola and the Conover Agency, Allenhurst.

March 20--Meet Clean Ocean Candidates for Ocean Twp -click here Listen here

Rodman,Morley,Verrilli,Greenwood & Desmarais, 




March 13, 2003   Preservation/ Redevelopment

Preservation NJ & Mike "Rocket" Wurtele 3/13

Listen Now 2nd half, click

Redevelopment Zone Spoke Out on 3/13- Hear Now!


This is the two-hour Special Round Table on Redevelopment Issues in Asbury Park!! Our many, many thanks to Lucinda Cisler, a loyal fan of Restore by the Shore, who listened and taped all two hours!! Thanks, Cindy!! Listen to Part 1, Part 2.  Comments? Please write us mailto:restore881FM@aol.com

March 6 - 2003  Coping in the Redevelopment Zone


John Carroll and Aroxy Gokberk -Hear their experiences and others on the taped version of the 3/6/03 Click here: when the tape is uploaded the link will play the show on your Windows Player 7.0.


 Feb 27- A.P.H.S. Hall of Fame Dinner

Listen to first half of show now. Click here. For the second half, click here. (Thanks, Ms. Wright, for your tape!) Sorry for this delay. Note: Ms. Wright reports that listeners - one from Freehold - have already called her to pledge their support for the dinner!!  [pictured are Carl Williams, Principal Dr. J. Russell Garris- with camera, and Myrna Wright.] Tickets and ads on sale now, call Myrna Wright, 732-776-2638 x2644

Feb - 20 - Redevelopment Zone Property Owners Go To Court - Hear them on Restore 88.1 FM NOW, Click Here for Background Photos

                                                         Pictured L-R- Host Nevin, DePetro, Fernicola

Feb 13'03 -

Historic preservationist Rich Fernicola makes a point, while Loch Arbor resident Melanie Nowlin & Ocean Twp Council candidate Rob Morley listen. They were asked: What effect has Asbury's Doldrums had on its neighbors? What do they hope to see here? What's their worst nightmare? Will Asbury's neighbors help to promote a sustainable recovery - or continue to look the other way??      That's Rod Cole on the SoundBd

When the taped version of this show is posted, this link will start the *show.  Also listen to the CD, "Road" by Too Tall Tom. ttt3d@yahoo.com


  Every week call in 732-775-0821 or 775-6203, or send an email during the show to AsburyRadio@aol.com - be sure to tell us whether or not to use your name.

 Last Week-Asbury Targets Litter!!

  Guests: Councilperson Kate Mellina (just off-camera), interim city manager Hazel Samuels, 9 yr old Teshia Alston, whose letter fueled the campaign that Samuels started, and Teshia's Auntie Alice Alston (background).

 Teshia even assisted our musical guest, Lady Laranah Phipps, with her new CD, "The Woman In Me."

Listen to the show Now!!


1/30- Henry Vaccaro Live!!


 Henry Talks Cash - Johnny Cash, that is. Kevin Loveland- the plumber you can love - and I listen. Now you can, too. Just click here   (Ask Bob is just off camera.)         

  More on Asbury Park's Restoration -Listen to 1/23 show now - Part 1, Part 2. Click here to hear our *walk thru show (1/16) Click to Hear the Show Thurs. at 6 PM  This is a continuing series!

(Vacation  - Dec 26 - Jan. 9)

 December 19 - Our neighborhood charities - Interfaith Neighbors, the Salvation Army and The Center - dropped in to note their major achievements of 2002. They also checked their wish lists for those last minute needs. Pictured are Nancy Flanagan of Interfaith and Major Dave Kelly of the Salvation Army. Father Bob called in from his stalled NJ Transit train. Listen here now...and don't miss the fabulous "Yes, Virginia..." reading, lovingly prepared and executed by Frank D'Allessandro!!  A must for anyone who believes in Santa.

Dec. 12 - Pianist Ruth Carr, 85 years young,(r) had the whole gang going with her reading of the 12 Days After Christmas: satirist Frank D'Allessandro, singers Carla Simpson of Red Dot Design Co (former owner of the Pink Note Cafe), tenor Steve Sgromolo, and actor/singer Ames Adamson of NJ Rep, singer June Decker (l) and pianist/singer Susan Carroll of Trinity Church School  with a sampling of the Asbury Tower Chorus'Annual Christmas Show, December 16th at 2 PM, at the Tower. Click here for sound and more pix!


Dec 5, 2002 -  CookmanAve.com

COOKMANAVE.COM visits Restore!!

   Tune in 12/5 to meet Wayne & Jason -These guys are totally together. And they've got shopping advice! Hear all the fun Asbury holiday happenings for this weekend - tree lightings, caroling... Click here to hear the show.

Nov 28, 2002Listen as the Past Comes Alive on Thanksgiving Evening

Kati Beddow Brower,lft, pictured here with actress Lorraine Stone, brought historical characters to life for our Thanksgiving Show. Thanks, Kati!! Listen to the Show NOW Kati's company is Local Commotion, which she created in the Fall of '93. She also sings jazz and blues , directs and performs in theatres in NY and NJ. Contact her at KatiBrow@aol.com

Nov 21 - Lumia Theater

























































































































 Listen to the fun! Ames Adamson (l) and Gabor Barabas of the NJ Rep Co., housed in Long Branch.

The Rap Sheet is heard on this 11/21 show: Rap Sheet

Yo Yo -- Listen Up!!

Old Weldon needs money
Don’t no one think that’s funny?

Here’s a man lookin at pullin down twenty
Lost his company car (and maybe his pension)
But since AP put twelve grand in his pants Last Friday
He can now split to the highway
An island, a principality that sees his way

But that won’t be nec-e-ssary
Since an invisible hand got Kate and Jim Writin' their letters
like so many mercy-nary

Clemency, leniency, decency – give the man a break!
No matter how bad he be in Ocean
In Asbury Park he wern’t on the take!
-Nov 21, 2002 -Maureen Nevin

Nov. 14 - Weldon's Pay Package - Hear the debate. The Rap:MEMORIAL DRIVE – WITH A NOD TO 8 MILE       Read Kate Mellina's View






Nov 7 -Contractors' Night with Bob Stevens, Kevin Loveland & Mark R.

Oct. 31st - Patty D's - Seafood & Pasta House - Brinley Av, Bradley Beach / Whatta guy, brought the food AND the Music!!


And Kevin - the plumber you can love - made his debut!!

Oct. 24, 2002 Second Half of Beach Access Discussion

Ralph Coscia of Citizens Rights to Access Beaches (CRAB) informs Loch Arbour residents Hardo & Ed Lee & Sophie Bubis

(Also l-r) Bob Stevens -"Ask Bob"- and Loch Arbour's Jeffrey Gill and partner David, below right,

Listen to this, the second, Beach Access show now! And the music of Buicks to the Moon.com


Admitted Extortionist Terry Weldon was Credited With Brokering Asbury's Waterfront Agreement in Numerous News Accounts. What did go on inside AP's City Hall? Could Weldon have been an Outlaw in Ocean, but Honest in Asbury? A former city official takes us inside city hall -  and Carl Chesna plays live in the studio!

October 10 - 2 Hour special on

Asbury's Redevelopment: Weldon & the Way Forward Now -  Listen now!!

Featuring Councilperson Kate Mellina and Attorney Tom DeSeno.

And, music by Carl Chesna (pictured)

10/10 - Redevelopment/ Councilmembers Kate Mellina & John Loffredo and AP-Based Attorney Tommy DeSeno

Asbury Suffers Another Loss - After burying one of the city's most valiant defenders, Assemblyman Tom Smith, who passed away 9/26/02, AP loses one of its lead negotiators for its waterfront revival - City Manager Terry Weldon - when he admits to extortion in Ocean Twp just minutes after the AP deal is signed. This was the topic for our show that week and we continued the redevelopment discussion the following week 10/17. 

October 3 - Beach Access - Part 1

Part 1 on Public Access to the Beach!! 10/3 & 10/10 With John Weber, Loch Arbor residents Sophie Bubis and Ed Lee, and Ed Sirchio and Ralph Coscia of C.R.A.B.!!! Citizens Right to Access Beaches!! Listen to first half here   Due to the waterfront redevelopment agreement, TBA 10/8, and City Mgr Terry Weldon's resignation, Restore has postponed the public beach discussion to Oct. 24th.

September 26, 2002-

A Black Box All Star Season Begins!!


         Karen Michele Wright                                                                Terri Thomas

Karen Michelle Wright - Star of Last Train...visited with her leading man - on and off-screen - Jonathan Uffelman & the very talented coloratura soprano, actress & co-founder of the Black Box, Terri Thomas.  Listen to the show!

Along with the stars, director Maire Martello filled us in on the behind the scenes doings.


(l-: Bob Stevens, Dir. Maire Martello, Maureen scheming (r)Robert McDowell, and actors Michele Wright & Jonathan Uffelman. ) Good luck with the baby!!

Our Condolences to the family of State Assemblyman Tom Smith, who passed away September 26, 2002.  Smith, 84, was a fine man who served AP in many roles. Listen to his 7/27/00 appearance on Restore Click for side A here. And, B here.

September 19 - 2002 Premier Theater's Mark Fleming!!


Hear the show now... Check out Technicolor Dream Coat 10/11

September 11 - 2002 - Housing & Jobs in APk

(l-r)    Bob Stevens, Guy McCombs, Maureen Nevin, Rev Carl Hunter, Fr Bob Kaeding


Your click here will bring up the show, with theme by Tom Boyd.

Featuring the music of Yardena!!!



 Listen to 88.1 FM's Family of Hosts with Ron Holland, host of Let's Talk News, Yolanda Cadet, host of the Women's Spot, Maureen Nevin and Sidekick Bob Stevens from Restore by the Shore. Listen. Of course, we ran over. Hear the last part here. Did we have fun? It was a hoot!!

September 5, 2002 - Stan Goldstein & Tony Amato - The ODD Couple

  Sound track ...

 Rock'n Roll's Classic "OddCouple" Rock & Roll Tour operator and author - Stan Goldstein Visited Restore on Thursday, September 5 - With Live Music Guest Tony Amato of Baccigalupe and the BAD BOYS - Hear it here, now!

August 29, 2002 - Doug LeClaire, Susan Pellegrini of Asbury Shorts of NY, listen to that tape now.

Glam Returning to Asbury Park

Loooong Stretch Limo (fr. Savannah's) Glides Up

Last Thursday - Asbury Shorts of New York's Doug LeClaire dropped by the studio to talk about "The Best of the U.S. Festivals" short film program at the Baronet Theatre, Still Standing at

4th Av, APk, 8/30-8/31. (Muralist John Bonafede, in fore and below. Baronet and Fast Lane owner Walter Burns in background.) A super party at the Fast Lane followed the films.

Doug LeClaire, director, & Susan Pellegrini, producer, of Asbury Shorts of NY, drew excellent crowds both nights and want to come back this winter- possibly to a bigger venue!!! And, they said they liked the job I did presenting the films!! Listen to Doug and Susan here NOW. BTW, if you didn't like my outfit, that wasn't me, baby. That was Ask Bob.

August 22, 2002 - Janey Todd and Werner Baumgartner

Welcome Back, Janey Todd

Janey is sounding better than ever, too. Listen for yourself!


August 15 - 2002- Restoring Victorians

506 Second Ave. by Grand - APk

Restoring a Leather Ceiling

...and leather tooled staircases

Click here for more pix

Did you guess the location? Our Guests Last Week- 8/15/02 - Mike Nesspor and David Blackwell - own 506 Second Ave, by Grand. Due to technical difficulties the tape of this show is not available now. BUT, we will have a full show on Mike & Dave's place, with some of the studio show, when Restore expands to Cable Chnl 71 this October!! Meanwhile, we may get some sound from the video for this site. Stay tuned...

August 8 - 2002 - Musician Paul Brubaker

He reminds some people of Elvis Costello and Marshall Crenshaw. Whatever, you'll call Montclair's Paul Brubaker a great new talent.

Meet him here in the webstream version of Restore or on www.paulbrubaker.com Check out Paul's thoughts on Asbury, Bruce & The Today Show:

1. July 30, 2002-Asbury Park. There were two stars of the show last Tuesday: The Boss and the city that made him, Asbury Park. I didn't get into Convention Hall, but stayed among the good folks on the boardwalk that overlooked the beach where throngs of people camped out for two days before the big Today Show concert. From outside the hall, I heard Bruce's show-new stuff from the new CD, then the set ended with "Glory Days." Good choice, hearing a simple joyous ode to happy times can feel like bread from the heavens. But it wasn't until later that day when I would understand just how appropriate the song was for that day.

As the TV crews and helicopters cleared, and the weary crowd thinned I walked downtown to find the Insomnia Cafe, where I will be performing this week. I made it there before it opened, so with time to kill I walked across the street to find an art gallery, Sulli Studios. It was showing wonderful photographs of Stone Pony regulars including Bruce and the E Street Band, Marshall Crenshaw, and John Entwistle. I bought a small photo of Southside Johnny for my friend Brad, and they were nice enough to hang a flyer in their window to promote my gig. Back across the street, I met Michael who gave me the gig at Insomnia. His place was rocking with people, trying to get a cup of coffee to help get them through the rest of the festive day. He still managed a friendly smile and handshake as I thanked him for the gig.

I later decided to go to the Stone Pony where local bands played all afternoon. On the way there I met folks from The Black Box Theater and El Lobo Negro Art Gallery, and it was clear that the Asbury Park was shining again. When I got to the Stone Pony I made new friend named Rich, who had seen a couple of more shows than me. He compared the day to the vibe he felt at the original Woodstock festival, and said that it had been a while since he had seen anything like this. Indeed, I had never seen anything like it. A whole city transformed on a sunny Tuesday morning by a huge bolt of optimism sent by their favorite son. I couldn't help but feel great from being there.

It truly is wonderful to have the chance to perform, to write and record music, and to make friends with your guitar. But on that day, it was the greatest feeling in the world to be a fan. A long time fan of Bruce Springsteen, and a brand new fan of Asbury Park. Glory Days are here again. Listen to Paul on the air~


August 1 - 2002

 listen to  Don Stine of Antic Hay books. We discussed the new Merchant's Guild and commerce in APk. And, we played Paul Brubaker's CD - "...and the pursuit of happiness", as well as our theme, Mr Fixit, by Tom Boyd, on this show. (Opening of tape is rough, fast forward till it clears up;-( sorry)

July 27 -   Bruuuce

- Restore was making plans to be there on the boardwalk. Look for us on TV 71 - Video tapes available thru producer Shangazi Kyangazi@yahoo.com. Bruce sightings to date: on Deal Lake Court...on Mattison Ave, Cookman Ave, in Sonny's Southern Cuisine Restaurant...NBC producers on the beach with Mayor Kevin...Dominic Santana with Katie and Matt, gets interviewed for Today... The joint is crawlin' with advance men and tv producers. And hear Rhoda Margano's advice for star-struck locals. And, rumor has it that some rock names are a little jealous that they missed their chance at saving Asbury...Don't miss this show...Thurs. 7/25, 6 - 7 PM, Miss the show? Listen Here. PS - Bruce's concert was the greatest!!!!

July18 - Public Safety Lou Jordan & Trinity School of the Arts

Asbury's Top Cop - Public Safety Dir. Lou Jordan - is making this one long hot summer for drug dealers. Dir. Jordan talked live last night on Restore. Click here for the taped version. (See additional Jordan comments below.)

 Also on that archived version- Barbara Knight, Lorraine Stone, and Susan Carroll (below) talking summer arts camp at Trinity School of the Arts. 

Asbury Tackles Crime -Add'l comments

Louis Jordan, Asbury's new Public Safety Director, is a combination of  tough, savvy law enforcer and compassionate organizer who appears bent on providing alternatives for kids on the brink. Click here to read his views on crime in Asbury.

July 11 -Michele Darne creator of And Baby mag. 

At last, a how-to magazine on parenting for alternative lifestyle couples!! So why didn't we think of that, huh? Creator/publisher/talk show host/ master marketer Michelle Darne joined us on 7/11 with news of her syndicated radio show, upcoming tv show, and line of baby clothes!! If you didn't catch Michelle between 6 - 7 PM on 88.1 FM - Restore by the Shore - then listen here now!

July 4th in Asbury Park

Hey World - Happy 4th of July from Asbury Park & the 2002 Sand Castle Competition Winners !

Ages 5-7, Pablo Vilas, Newark; 8-12 Britney Noelie & AJ Carter, APk, 12-16 Jerlitha Cosby, APk, 17+ James & Shirley Oslislo, Westfield, Family Matthew, Ted & Bernard Sheffler, APk, Runners Up #1 Kris Ryan, #2 Kenji Moran, APk, and Grand Prize winner...

David Corbitt & Friends (see col. to right too) Alan and John. Be sure to check out David's site for more sculptures http://home.earthlink.net/dfc47/ (Later that night, on Restore by the Shore, a caller from Eatontown suggested the sculpture's popularity might suggest a new pull for APk - nude beaches!!)

Happy 4th of July from This year's Asbury Park Sand Castle Competition Grand Prize Winners!


David Corbitt, (hear Dave on the 4th of July show now) Madison, & Friends Alan Youngblood of Plainfield, and John Goodwin, of Florham Pk, who graciously donated their $200 winnings to APk Homeowners' Assn. Scholarship Fund. The APHAS members host the yearly event! David called into Restore (7/4) saying how beautiful the APk beach was. He was very pleasantly surprised. So come on out. But make sure you watch where you park- not only is APk back - so are the meter maids!!

Check Studio Archives for Shows from June 2000 - June 2002. If you don't see the show you're looking for, write me here.


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