Updated 10/26/04 -Fate of Arthur Pryor Pavilion on Hold - We plan to present the petitions to the City Council Wednesday Oct. 13th, 2004. Please sign up now. Please forward this page to all who may want to do the same.

Are we defying the redevelopment plan by wanting to save this Pavilion? No. The 5th Avenue Pavilion/Bandshell, known as "The Arthur Pryor Band Shell", is identified in the plan as an architecturally significant asset to be rehabilitated and preserved for entertainment use. That is the established policy and what the public was led to expect.    photo credit: above M. Ortiz, right, Werner Baumgartner
  The Band Shell, next to Howard Johnson's - Favorite Venue for Arthur Pryor Will Go



Please sign the AP or Out-of-Towner petition to save it!!

   498!! [94 from Asbury Pk] have signed to date!

 498 - 94 of them pledged to vote against Asbury Park councilmembers who voted for demolition!!  SIGNATURES TO DATE - STILL TIME TO SIGN - JUST PRINT OUT OR COPY AND PASTE YOUR PETITION CHOICE - ASBURY OR OUT OF TOWNER - AND MAIL (3 Deal Lake Ct, Asbury Pk 07712) OR FAX 732-502-0463 - OR EMAIL ME YOUR NAME FOR POSTING.   YOU CAN ALSO PRINT THIS OUT AND ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO SIGN.  UPDATE!!!

Arthur Pryor Bandshell Petition, Emails and Postcards WIN!!! Council Deals with Asbury Partners to Retain Bandshell!! Thanks to Everyone!!!  






Reidy says he got at least 200 postcards. But it's not a done deal. Keep those votes coming! Please Sign Now (Is that Asbury Partners' Legal Counsel, Alfred Faiella, to the right of Historical Society Pres. Gayle Holy, looking a tad unhappy?)







Oct 6-Deputy Mayor,  Jim Bruno, reads the council decision to retain the bandshell at its current location. Bruno says he was looking from the footbridge over Sunset Lake toward Ocean Ave. and realized, "I would miss that bandshell."  Downside: We may have to give Asbury Partners more floors - higher buildings.


Fate of Arthur Pryor Pavilion on Hold -2/18/04 3 pm




About 40 people turned out to tell the council to save the Arthur Pryor Pavilion and band shell, but never got the chance. The council rejected the latest designs for the replacement building and asked the architect to try again. They also asked to see a design for the new Pryor Pavilion, to be sited on ground level. Larry Fishman of Asbury Partners pledged the replacement pavilion, between 4th and 5th ave's, with seating for 200  will be


 completed in six months. Fishman said RFP's have gone out for architects to design it. No construction timetable was given. Restore is not aware of any legally binding commitment on the redeveloper to build the replacement. If you do, please inform us of this. Note: architect's designs indicate elevator service in the new building, allowing seniors access. Why couldn't elevators be provided as part of a rehab of the standing Pryor Pavilion?  [photo: proposed 5th Av pavilion Ocean Av side]






























 Residents told Restore Radio the ground level substitute would not have the unforgettable view of the ocean on one side and the park on the other, nor did they think the acoustics would be comparable. Council member Kate Mellina told some Asbury Tower residents she would listen to their comments during a presentation she and the city would give them at the Tower. However, one woman noted that that venue would not afford the same access to other public opinion from residents and experts. The council will  review the plans for the demolition of the Pryor Pavilion and its new design and land use as an office space on next meeting March 17th.  City redevelopment attorney James Aaron said CAFRA, the interpretation of the land use laid out for that building according to the redevelopment plan (see report on this) and other factors make it yet unclear whether the city can demolish the Pryor Pavilion. However, the architect was directed to continue work on his design, calling for demolition rebuilding and construction of office space in place of the band shell. Please sign & circulate petition - there's still time sign, just scroll down

Please Sign Our Petition to Save the Arthur Pryor Pavilion Photos by Ortiz

498 People have signed to Save the Pavilion - Time is running out...Pls Sign Now

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* If you'd like to save the Arthur Pryor Pavilion, but don't want to withhold contributions or vote against council members who do vote to demolish the landmark, please write us here.