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The Arthur Pryor Pavilion  (SHPO Opinion 01/09/03) is threatened with demolition and redevelopment into office space. A hearing is scheduled for February 18, 2004 at 3:00pm.

Please be advised that the Mayor and Council of the City of Asbury Park will hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 3:00 p.m. to act as the Redevelopment Agency with respect to the following:

1. To grant or deny an amendment to the Scattered Sites Redevelopment Plan.....

2. To review Site Plan and design changes with respect to the Fifth Avenue Pavilion project.

The City Council is expected to take official action at said Special Meeting.
I believe there are several inconsistencies and failures of due process with regard to this application The attached document highlights the issues. The building is identified for preservation in the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan. Demolition is not discussed as an option. Office uses are not permitted on the site while performance spaces are. The proposal before the TRC and Council includes both demolition and office use which are at variance with the plan. It appears that public notice should have been given for the previous TRC hearings. No public notice was provided.
Since the proposal has now moved to review by City Council in spite of the above, immediate intervention appears to be the only avenue to prevent the loss of this significant historic and architectural resource.
Werner Baumgartner, Asbury Park Historian
Box 557, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Redevelopment Plan and TRC process with regard to:


Arthur Pryor Pavilion - (aka. Fifth Avenue Pavilion, Howard Johnson's)


Waterfront Redevelopment Plan: (June 5, 2002)


            Page 9 - Section 2.2 - Redevelopment Objectives


                        Design Principles - "Preserve the historic buildings within the area and re-use them

                        to support new development including the upland neighborhoods."


            Page 21 - Section 3.1 - Plan Summary


                        "Buildings with significant architectural character, such as the Casino, Heating Plant,

                        Convention Hall and former Howard Johnson's will be renovated for retail/entertainment use."


            Page 27 - Section 3.3 - Historic and/or Significant Buildings


                        Page 28 - Map identifies "Fifth Avenue Pavilion" in its entirety

                        Page 30 - Fifth Avenue Pavilion:


"With the introduction of a rooftop bandshell and seating,the original function of the

site was recreated. The building features...sweeping, poured in place concrete ramps

surrounding the entire building. These ramps become an integral part of the architecture,

drawing visitors from the boardwalk to the rooftop concert area...Careful assessment and

immediate repairs are needed to stabilize the building."


            Page 63 - Section 3.7 - Architectural Design Guidelines


            Page 71 - Design Review Process:


Minimum submission to the TRC shall include the following drawings:

                        a. Site Plan, including parking and landscaping.

                        c. Building elevations showing adjacent buildings, if any.

                        d. Building sections with the sidewalk frontage at a scale sufficient to discern detail.


            Page 71 - "All TRC meetings shall be open to the public, but not subject to notice, unless

            variances from the standards of the Redevelopment Plan are requested by the developer."


            Page 72 - Land Use - Zoning Controls


                        Principal Uses West of Ocean Avenue - Professional, medical and business offices

                        Principal Uses East and West of Ocean Avenue - Theaters and performance spaces




Werner Baumgartner, Asbury Park Historian

Box 557, Asbury Park, NJ 07712