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Assembly member John Burzichelli's bill to change eminent domain. Read now. We'll have amendments t'w. The assemblyman joins Asbury Radio and guests in the studio, June 22.

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The Yahoo group is debating whether citizens should demand the city open to public bid the sale of the highly prized triangular oceanfront/lakeside property at the east end of Deal Lake Drive. How do you vote? Please read blue message and then click on it to vote.

The City of AP transferred the Triangle to Asbury Partners in 2002 with the price to be determined at a later date (still not resolved). Significant portions of the adjoining streets will be vacated and given to Asbury Partners at no additional cost which will substantially enlarge the site and what can be built there. The City demanded $490,000 in 2004 and Asbury Partners offered $175,000. The question: Should a lawsuit be brought to turn back the conveyance and compel the City to offer the Triangle (and street vacation areas) to the highest bidder in a open and public RFP (request for proposals)?
Created on Jun 2, 2006



April 10th - APPress Editorial notes redeveloper agreement passed without publishing details and done via resolution as not the best way to go...

April 8th - Developer DePetro responds to Asbury Park's redevelopment rights holder's letter in Passaic Herald.

April 5th - Council passes revised redeveloper agreement with Asbury Partners in a resolution.

February 2006 - New Page Added; Council Actions

January 2006 -

1/8/06 Star-Ledger's Matthew Futterman gives us a glimpse of Charles Kushner's empire today, while Charles sits in a prison on Maxwell Air Force Base, in Montgomery, Alabama. However, unlike other prisoners, Kushner's wife and kids arrive for weekly visits via a private plane. Click for the story.

December 2005 -

12/27/05-Paterson Grapples with Redevelopment Woes and Fishman Offer - Restoration Developer, DePetro, Shares His Fishman Experiences with Herald News in front page lead story  -READ

Note: Some have assumed that the demolition of the unfinished hi-rise (C-8) has halted because people are asking why the city tossed out the published plan that limits new construction on the site to a max. of 8 stories, instead of 16.  They think all construction had to stop on the waterfront because the State CAFRA permit, which went by the now disavowed plan, needs to be amended and reissued. But construction hasn't stopped - Paramount Homes continues to build the North Beach project and Westminster (Kushner) continues its building on Wesley Lake.

Debate continues over what people intended for unfinished condo tower if it should have to come down. But these two shows reflect little debate on new construction going to only 8 stories:  Listen to Planner John Clarke April 2002  - Councilmember John Loffredo May 2002 on WRPlan

Brief on December 7 Asbury Park Council Meeting. Click to read.

New news stories about attorney Alfred Faiella, counsel to Asbury Partners LLC, which holds the redevelopment rights and deeds to most of the waterfront in Asbury Park. Two ways to access these (besides going to the Star-Ledger site), click here or go to the Site Directory, scroll down to Faiella and click.