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 Feds Move on Kushner - subpoena correspondence from his tenure at Port Authority. Links (right) Kushner's plans for Wesley Lake in Asbury Pk - a total of 750 housing units. See Restore's Q's for Kushner on this development - We have a response. Big Question is will the Council try blind faith again? Or will it cut bait and choose its own developer - one that's not trailing a cloud behind it and shows some respect for the natural resources it's getting.

      Paramount Plans for North End of Oceanfront - Please request

   *Do you see where people have parked their cars? This is Block 221/222, which lies at the ocean end of Deal Lake Drive and is currently being used for overflow parking from Asbury Towers. The block also sits at the end of the Deal Lake Drive view corridor extending from Park Avenue to the ocean. The current redevelopment plan calls for an 8-story condo tower and THIRTEEN 4-story TOWNHOUSES. (click to see detail) They'll be joined by NINE more 4-story townhouses on the ocean side in front of the Asbury Tower. But you can ask the city to take this property out of the plan. Due to some glitch, the city's deal to sell this triangle of land to the redevelopment rights holder, Asbury Partners LLC,  has not gone through. The contract of sale, to be completed by November 1, 2002, never closed. City redevelopment attorney, James Aaron, confirmed that the deal was not completed because, among other things, no appraisal was done on the property. Without an appraisal, how did the city know what to sell this lot for? This lot that is the last parcel offering an unobstructed ocean view. How much do you think these units will sell for? How much should the city sell it for. Developer Richard DePetro, who is restoring two apartment buildings on Second Ave (see), has suggested the city withdraw its offer to sell. DePetro says the city could sell the parcel to another developer for possibly $2 million. My opinion: let's reconsider the use for this land. Either way, this glitch also gives residents of Asbury Park one more chance to save this parcel from development, which would bring even more cars to those pictured. As you can see, the space is needed.   Once the sale is made, you will have no recourse. If you don't want an 8-story condo tower and 13, 4-story townhouses here, you must write or phone your council members now. To write John Loffredo, click here.  To write Kate Mellina, click here.