Is Kushner Buying Asbury Partners?

Or is it just a baseless rumor?

Where would Asbury Park - or any city on the verge of renewal - be without rumors? What makes them so tantalizing here though is that the most outrageous among them often prove to be true.

The latest is that Kushner Companies, of Florham Park, NJ, is buying Asbury Partners LLC, the current owner of the rights to redevelopment the 56-acre waterfront.  Pictured right is Jeffrey Freireich, Vice Chairman and Managing Partner of Kushner, who you see here being interview by Restore during the C-8 partial demolition ceremonies on Wednesday, August 6. Asked if there were any plans underway for Kushner to take a financial interest in Asbury Partners LLC, Freireich said there was no basis for the rumor. Earlier Restore asked Caryl Bixon of Caryl Communications, spokesperson for Asbury Partners LLC, who checked with Larry Fishman. Again, the answer was the rumor is "completely false. I don't no who told you, but it's completely not true," said Bixon. "I checked it with Larry."   Yet, wherever locals meet, the rumor persists...

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