Asbury Tower Looms Above Triangular Parking Lot used by  aids and visitors to the seniors living in the tower, which the City has sold to Asbury Partners, a lien buyer that owns the redevelopment rights to the 56-acre Asbury Park waterfront. The property was sold several years ago for $1 with the price to be decided later.

The property, just yards from the ocean and bordered by Deal Lake, sold for $490,000. on July 19, 2006. Only one councilmember voted against the  resolution  to sell the Triangle to Asbury Partners. The dissenting vote was cast by council member James Keady. The resolution ending the cost negotiations contains a clause alluding to a possible discount on the value of the property due to the title company's report that the block, 222 lot 1, is "presently encumbered by a Riparian Grant, which would have a detrimental effect on the values of the property as of the valuation date of August 1, 2002;..."  According to a former member of the Tidelands Commission, who Asbury Radio consulted with, there would have been no reason for the State to have a tidal claim on the triangle property, unless the land had been acquired by using fill on a tidal span.

The site is approved for an 8-story condo tower and townhouses around its base, which will encompass the areas currently occupied by Ocean Avenues and Deal Lake Drive. To the east of the tower on the Ocean Ave. road bed and grass strip between the Ocean and Asbury Tower, authorities have approved the construction of several townhouses. In addition to this site, a 111-car macadam parking lot will be poured where dunes and a dirt temporary parking lot exist now on what is known as the Marine Grill property, which did have a Tidelands claim, which was resolved by the city in 1984.                    Back to Triangle Page   Back to Home  Back to Site Dir.