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Re: Check out Christie in Asbury
Date: 7/27/2004 4:35:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Kizmiz
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To: Restore881FM
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Way to go Christie, Jordan,  DEA, and AP Police. Now this is a sure sign that we want Asbury to rise!!

 Subject: Re: Check out Christie in Asbury
Date: 7/27/2004 5:39:05 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: jmartello@mindspring.com
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To: Restore881FM@aol.com
You must be the first to have reported this - AsburyPark.net hasn't reported it.  You did it again!  Oh, how I wish I'd been there.  Everybody involved deserves a round of applause!

By the way, I saw the drug bust news on your site before I did on News 12 NJ! YEAH!!!

Corey Maccaro

[Do you have a name?]
I've been following the Kushner case for months - you can find other articles on the site directory page.
Asbury Park has a long history of abuse at the hands of disreputable business people. I think it's a good idea to keep the public aware of the doings of those who would seek to do business with us.
Does that answer your question?
Thanks for writing -

In a message dated 7/7/2004 11:14:55 AM Eastern Standard Time, dfsavgny@yahoo.com writes:

Do you have a personal gripe against Kushner? What is the relevance
of putting the issue of his campaign contribution fine on your
website? Anyone who reads the newspapers would have read this last
week. The more I visit your site and read your posts, the more
suspicious I become of your motives. FOUL.


There's the poignant line below, "you seem like a friend to me".   That's it!!


Pilot of the Airwaves

Charlie Dore


Pilot of the airwaves

Here is my request

You don't have to play it

But I hope you'll do your best

I've been listening to your show

On the radio

And you seem like a friend to me

 Or a record of your choice

I don' t mind , I'd be happy just to hear your voice

Saying this is for the girl

Who didn't sign her name

Yes, she needs a dedication just the  same


Late at night I'm still listening

Don' t waste my time chasing sleep

People say I look weary

But that 's just the company I keep

Ooooh, you make the nighttime race

Ooooh, I don't need to see your face

You're sounding good (sounding good)

Sounding good to me

Repeat Chorus 

Repeat Bridge

You're sounding so good to me

Repeat Chorus

Oh, I've been listening to your show on the radio

And you seem like a friend to me

Repeat Chorus

Michael Lorin Hirsch
Director of Design, Preservation, and Neighborhood Planning
Doo Wop Preservation League
Wildwood, NJ
(646) 258-6512


In a message dated 6/18/2004 9:41:17 AM Eastern Standard Time, Beth.Loeb@eurorscg.com writes:

I am a new homeowner is AP and decided to purchase their based on the
redevelopment that will be taking place (hoping to not see the corruption
that previously happened).  I would like some of your content to put a
positive spin on the redevelopment--most of the content on your site is
always bashing what is being done (they saved the "Tillie" art--the
building was a mess and why not rebuild new)-i have been down to AP in the
past few yrs and the place looked like a war zone--buildings crumbling,
boarded up and in fact everything that is being done is elevating the
prices of homes, bringing in jobs and should be seen as positive.

Dear Beth -
I appreciate your comments.
I'm looking forward to showing more improvements to the community. However, the Palace has not been torn down and looms over the intersection in a precarious state; similarly, the C-8 building is still standing, albeit with less cement than before. Meanwhile, numerous other eyesores are left to mar the landscape. The question remains, why isn't the demolition that needs to be done going forward?
I cannot applaud the demolition of an 1888 Carousel House. Preserving such historic sites must take precedence over the benefits afforded homeowners - and I am one here - who share in elevated home values.
As for new jobs, I would be glad to review any documentation regarding the numbers and types of jobs, and the origin of those jobs, which have been given to the local population.
BTW, my site does carry photos of boardwalk improvements, the fountain in library park, and photos and broadcasts that have featured the redeveloper of the Elks and Steinbach buildings and the restored Brittwood Court and partially restored Jersey Apartments. We recently hosted 14 Asbury Park merchants on our show. Our most recent guest was the new president of the Greater Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce who spoke about upcoming events in town and the benefits Asbury Park has to offer businesses. My last guest-host is the Vice President of the Chamber. We're always willing to check out events or plans the public suggests, so please feel free to alert us. However, we talk facts - not spin.
Thanks again for writing!
Speak Up, It's a America!
Maureen Nevin
Restore Radio
8 - 10 PM on 88.1 FM
Studio 732-775-0821, 775-6203
Maureen -732-774-0779
Listen Live or Later on Webwww.RestoreRadio.com
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Kate on Restore's Assertion that AP Lacks A Planner


Last week you sent out an e-mail in which you wrote: "What public office
did Chambers say is critical to protect a town's historic integrity?  Ans:
The planner!! Does Asbury have one?  No!"

Actually, Don Sammet, Asbury Park's new Redevelopment Director, has a
masters degree in city and regional planning from Rutgers University. He is
also a licensed professional planner in the state of New Jersey and a
Certified Planner by the American Institute of Certified Planners. He has
worked for a downtown special improvement district in New Jersey, a county
planning office, and a municipal planning office, and he will be directly
involved in all aspects of redevelopment in town.

In addition, as you probably know, the City Council, Technical Review
Committee, and Planning Board have been working closely and consistently on
all our projects - from the beachfront, to the downtown, to the West Side -
with Fred Heyer and Susan Gruel, the  principals of Heyer & Gruel, a
well-known and extremely competent New Jersey planning firm.  Heyer & Gruel
will continue to serve us as city planners, and we'll also be working with
them on an updated Master Plan for the city.

Furthermore, during our beachfront planning process, the city hired the
internationally known and acclaimed Duany Plater-Zyberk architectural and
planning firm, which has completed designs for over 250 new and existing
communities and inspired an international urban planning movement and
several books. (And, no, they aren't specifically registered as NJ
planners  - but check their website at www.dpz.com for some idea of their
international reputation and accomplishments.  There's no one we found in
New Jersey who even compares with their reputation and experience....)

In the interests of providing balanced reporting, I hope you will send this
reponse to your Restore-by-the-Shore mailing list to give the "other half
of the story" on the city's on-going use of professional planners.


Kate Mellina, Asbury Park City Council

Restore stands by its statement: The City of Asbury Park has no one in the position of City Planner. While Don Sammet's training is laudable, he was not hired to be the City Planner and does not cover the duties of a planner. Mr. Duany is not a planner either.



Subject: Re: Save The Pavilion and Band shell
Date: 3/4/2004 1:46:50 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: cleopatra@monmouth.com
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To: Restore881FM@aol.com

Maureen --

Just a reminder -- the bandshell that she's talking about is NOT the
current bandshell - this one wasn't built until around 1960.


In a message dated 3/3/2004 5:13:01 PM

Mary - This is a wonderful memory to share with us!

I would like to call you, but we've got a council meeting tonight that I'm trying to get to.

Would it be alright with you if I posted your email on my site? I think people would be very interested to hear your story and some may even know your relatives.

Meanwhile, I'll gladly add your name to our petition.

Thanks so very much for writing -



In a message dated 3/3/2004 5:13:01 PM Eastern Standard Time, mountainview.lake@verizon.net writes:

I have a family tie to Asbury Park and Arthur Pryor band ... plus I have an old postcard that shows the band shell with his name up on the marquee from the early 1900's ... my grandmother Elizabeth (Betty) Waters played the piano with the band whenever he played in Asbury Park.  My grandparents Chester and Elizabeth Waters, along with my Uncle Ned and Lou Waters and Aunt Edith to name a few, owned and operated a boat dock called "Waters Bros. Dock" that rented 100 canoes and offered launches for rides around and up Deal Lake to Ross Fenton Farms ... they lived on Oak Bluff Avenue, which was also called 8th .... I have postcards of my grandparents' house and the dock and many many postcards of old Asbury Park.  I want to sign any petition, or join any association that not only wants to save the band shell and pavilion, but also restore and save Asbury Park.  So please write or call me and let me know what my family and I can do to help! 


Mary Lawson

Granddaughter of Chester Arthur Waters of Asbury Park

Sterling, VA


Greetings to The Citizens of Asbury Park and Restore By The Shore.

I've have been following the goings on of Asbury Park for close to a year now. Maybe when you are so close to the source you can't see what is really happening, I don't know. It seems as though the citizens of Asbury Park are being sold snake oil. Who is the only one that will benefit from these plans to revitalize your fair city? The builder. THAT IS IT!

From my viewings it looks as though several things are or will be happening. 1.Your city will lose a lot of the history and charm that built it. 2 People who have invested their savings and time to restore different properties in your town are being forced by eminent domain to surrender what they have worked to save... for a private investors gain. THIS IS WRONG!. 3. Crime is a major problem. 4. The snake oil salesman that abounds wants to build town houses costing on average $400,000.00 per unit. Who will buy them? Builders can build all that they want, if the units don't sell they too will also fall to ruin. Why would anyone invest nearly half a million in a place to live when there is known rampant crime? In plain words, don't hold your breath. Also if units do sell, how many will be owned by people living here year round? You will still be dealing with only seasonal revenue in addition to having absentee owners, thus again opening up a doorway for crime. If the buildings do not sell and sit vacant, the builder will then walk away, take a huge tax loss, and there will again be nothing. I might add this will all be at taxpayer's expense. 5. The good folks that already live here are going to see taxes go up, lose parking, lose the ocean views that they once invested in, be stuck with a strained public drinking water system, AND lose the few things left that have made Asbury Park famous.

WAKE UP... Please! YOU ARE BEING SOLD A PIPE DREAM. Instead of pouring money into something that may or may not attract buyers, take your city back. The root of problems abounding here are crime and decay. 1.The leaders of your city need to take the streets back from the criminals and create a safe and friendly environment. This in turn will attract people to visit and spend money. Forming neighborhood watch groups would be a good start if they are not already in place. 2. Revitalize what you already have and capitalize on being an ocean resort. This in turn will attract people to visit and spend money.

The city leaders have sold ,YOUR, the taxpayers assets. What will they do for revenue the next time they are in a bind. Sell the whole town? Take more peoples  property for private gain? Destroy more history? Unless crime is eliminated and revenue is generated consistently, selling assets will only create a quick fix for budget woes.

Penalizing the people who have held steadfast to Asbury all these years , is not the way to go.

Keep the faith,
Bill in PA

12/14 --Greetings Restore by the Shore,

I read your comments section and felt compelled to write this after reading the thoughts of a listener from the UK. [pls scroll down for this email)

I reside in
Pennsylvania, right outside of a colonial town, in an old log house that I am working on preserving. I live in an area with MUCH history. York was the first capital of the USA. Gettysburg is right up the street. History abounds. History does NOT always have to be about wars or events. Architecture and the culture that existed with it are also history. The Spirit that existed can be history. Thank God, the idiots didn't take it all. We have preserved much history in South Central Pennsylvania with more to go. Fair Asbury should take up the torch also.

My past visits to Asbury were hauntingly beautiful. There is so much restoration potential in this town. The beauty that remains even in ruin, is mind blowing. Why didn't the city leaders try to restore and preserve their past instead of trying to distance themselves from it. The beautiful Atlantic City I knew in my youth, has been lost. Why would the good folks of Asbury want to lose their past? What kind of Spirit still exists, that would draw the thoughts of a man 3000 miles across the ocean? The potential is awesome.

The powers that be ought to be run out of town to allow this cancer of a private enterprise to take control of the cities' properties. What were they thinking? Why would you give up control of your own destiny? As long as his making money is the goal, there will be NOTHING preserved for the future. Wildwood NJ is capitalizing on preserving the fifties Do Wop feel of there fine city, and doing a damn fine job I might add. Cape May has the Victorian heritage going for it. Asbury has a lot resouce potential already in place. Restore not destroy.

"Greetings from
Asbury Park" can still have life.
Why doesn't Asbury capitalize on their past and their ties to Bruce Springsteen and the Amusement park aspect? For God's sake, the man comes back every year to do a concert to benefit your fair city, Helloooo, wake up. Asbury ought to feel privileged to have a celebrity making a plug for them. Doesn't your community feel they owe something back? I'm sure there are millions like me that would give there heart and soul to visit the beautiful Asbury Park that once existed, and the Jersey Shore life that  Bruce Springsteen immortalized with his music. The good citizens and "well meaning" leaders of
Asbury Park should rise up and TAKE their city back.

The resources are still here, they have not been removed...yet. It's not too late...yet. It soon will be though... if the future remains unchanged.

Thanks for allowing me to vent to someone. I love your show and website. Thanks for being here for me.

Keep the faith.
Bill in PA


The latest uproar is over the NYT's http://www.nytimes.com/2003/12/07/nyregion/07NJ.html NJ Section article on 12/7/03

Hi Maureen:

Thank you for your response.

Yes, please post my 'plea' for the community to see.  [Hi Everyone!

My wife and I are the very proud owners of a home we recently bought on Fifth Ave in Asbury Park and my wife and children will move in as soon as renovations to the home are complete. Since the renovation plans must pass through no less than three boards (TRC, Zoning, and Redevelopment) I figure that we will not even begin construction until summer 2004 (we purchased the home in September 03'). 

I was under the impression that the fate of the structure known as C8 was in temporary limbo pending a site developer being selected. I understood that one developer wanted to renovate the structure while the other developer proposed to demolish and build anew. I understood that a developer would be selected within weeks.  Well, that was around three or maybe four months ago. I am writing to ask if anyone who may be following this development knows what, if anything, has transpired with respect to C8?

The primary concern I have, being a husband and father, is the safety of my family.  I just finished reading the not so flattering New York Times article (New Jersey Section, 12/8/03) about my adopted hometown and I am alarmed. 

One woman in the article complained that she can't even walk her dog without being asked if she wants coke and that she can't enjoy sitting on her front porch because of the drug transactions taking place right across the street from her and in plain view. Why doesn't this woman pick up the phone and call the police? I mean, is there some reason that I don't know about why anyone with any interest in their community cannot utilize their right as taxpayers to rid their community of the nonsense by simply calling the police? Why doesn't she go to City Hall and demand a meeting with the mayor, police chief or town administrator? If I saw this happening in my neighborhood you can be damn sure that it won't happen again, I wouldn't be able to dial 911 fast enough.  Look people, the nonsense has to stop and it must stop now or this dream of a rebirth will die. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE must be accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

The crime situation should be Asbury's number one concern at this time. Stop fudging the statistics and instead the city must commit as much funding as possible. Beyond the allocation for law enforcement in the city budget, it seems obvious that fundraiser's must be held to increase and improve the police force. My question is this, given that Asbury is a small town, why is there so much crime? why should citizens be afraid to walk the streets after sundown? What is City Govt. doing to eliminate the "riffraff?" How can Asbury expect to attract people and the crime situation is out of control? What are the Asbury Partners, Asbury Merchants, Garden Club, citizens, church groups, preservationists,  et.al doing to protect themselves, their town, and their corresponding investments?  The NY Times article conveys a sense that City Govt. and Citizens are apathetic with regard to eliminating serious crime in Asbury Park and I simply will not believe this but at the same time I want to know what's going on?


Dr. Andrew P. Brown III]  {In a subsequent email, Dr. Brown writes:}

I have traveled all over these United States and my wife has been all over the world.  Neither one of us has ever seen anything like Asbury Park. There is no place like it anywhere in the world.  Anyone and everyone who owns a parcel of land in this town should be a millionaire.  That's how valuable the land in Asbury Park should be worth in light of it's relatively small scope, magnificent/genius design and unalterable location.

That said, it appears that the potential value of land in Asbury Park has not been realized perhaps subsequent to clouded vision; folks accepting peanuts under the table (thousands...hundreds??) and not seeing the big picture (who wants to be a millionaire...zillionaire??) or maybe "folks" felt that they could make their $$$ and along the way collect peanuts.  But alas, you can't have it both ways.

You stated that there was unscrupulous activity taking place in plain view. Who owns this building and why is this owner not being held accountable? Why can't a search warrant be executed, the 2nd floor raided and the riffraff given a 1 way ticket out of town? Need evidence? Use modern day technology..phone's with cameras..videotapping (all stealth of course) present it to the mayor, police chief, town administrator and make them accountable to move on this problem immediately.  Asbury must adopt a zero tolerance attitude if it is to succeed.  Your valiant effort as a community watchdog is exactly what Asbury needs. When we see these things taking place, we must shut it down or it will flourish.  Must a life be lost before action is taken?

Dr. B.

Hi Everybody,
Please read the following message from Kate Mellina about the article in the
times. (If you haven't read the article, click on the link below to connect
to the article online.) If you believe that Asbury is moving forward and
think that this article is not really accurate, please take a minute to
write a letter to the editor.  Thanks!
Best to all,



Greetings all --

Today's Sunday New York Times ran a very negative story on Asbury Park's
beachfront redevelopment plans and rebirth on the front of its New Jersey
section, quoting Rita Marano, Rich DePetro, "city historian" Werner
Baumgartner, etc.

As you can imagine, it was the kind of story that would probably make
potential investors run for dear life.  (Several of those same individuals
will be featured in an upcoming story in the soon-to-be-out January edition
of NJ Monthly Magazine.  I was interviewed for that story - after some of
the above-named individuals apparently contacted that magazine - and the
interview mainly - and belatedly - focused on Terry Weldon and his role in
beachfront development.  Mr. Hamilton was also interviewed, but they
declined to interview the mayor, the deputy mayor or John Loffredo.  I'm
looking for this second story to possibly be equally negative.)

Here's what I'm asking:  Please look at today's NY Times story.  (I'm not
sure if it's on their internet site.)

If you disagree, and feel that it does not accurately portray the spirit of
what's happening in Asbury Park - and the spirit of the people, like you,
who are working here to change it - please forward a letter-to-the-editor
them ASAP.

Please also ask some of your friends to write, if appropriate.

We are in a very delicate time in
Asbury Park.  The first excitement of
contract-signing is over, and a lot is going on behind the scenes -
Planning Board work, detailed contract negotiations, CAFRA applications,
etc. - that's a lot less visible and a lot less exciting, but this is the
necessary prelude to redevelopment.

We need to keep the momentum going for all our sakes.

Please write and make your opinions known if you believe in Asbury Park and
its future - People and investors outside the city are watching us closely,
and we need to let them know that the people quoted in today's story do not
represent the typical Asbury Park resident and business person.

Thank you,

Kate Mellina

RuthAnn, et al:
I have read the article in question online, and found it to be balanced, factual and accurate in it's reporting.
While I do not agree with everything that is stated in the article, I can certainly empathize with the fears and frustrations of those that were quoted in the article.  I share some of those frustrations, and know that many others in town who did not have the opportunity to express themselves in print do as well. 
I support Asbury Park and am proud to live here and serve on the city UEZ Board, but I cannot look at life in Asbury through rose-colored glasses.  We DO have an enormous crime and drug problem, that the city cannot seem to get the upper hand on.  We DO have an enormous and apparant split between the "haves" and the "have not's".  We DO have, once again, what seem to be a lot of promises regarding redevelopment but nothing tangible that the average citizen can see, or touch, or proudly point out to their friends and take heart in. We have promised timetables for redevelopment that are not being adhered to; and in fact are being stretched to the point of ridiculousness.  All of these points were very fairly presented in the NY Times article.
Granted, some of the people interviewed for the article are the usual "naysayers" that we all must deal with in today's Asbury, and I understand fully that there are many behind-the-scenes technicalities that must first be addressed, but for just a moment, consider how all of this must appear to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Resident, who have no access to the negotiations going on and may still have a bad taste left in their mouths from previous efforts and promises gone bad.  A point to consider: if the average resident or visitor could see progress being made, could see something, ANYTHING, happening....people would not have to wonder aloud about our city's future in the New York Times.
Al Giobbie
1615 Park Avenue


Restore received this email from a listener in North Wales, England. He listens to the show over the internet and initially inquired as to why he couldnít get the sound for the Nov. 13th show.  (Our web service was changing servers.) Dave Roberts turned out to be not only a fan of Restore Radio but of Asbury Park itself. His observations are particularly interesting since he is totally removed from the politics, local bickering and all the other minutia that people here use to discredit critics of the current redevelopment plan. (BTW, Restore wasnít immune to Daveís views. Heís got lots of ideas for how I can improve our site. All very well taken of course. But Iíve spared you the details here:)

 In a message dated 11/22/2003 1:58:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, daveroberts@email.com writes:

Hello Maureen,

Greetings from a listener in the United Kingdom. Am I your most remote

listener!? I'm trying to listen to the 13th November show via the web but

the link doesn't seem to work? Maybe you could get your technical boffins

to take a look?

I should perhaps explain my interest in Asbury Park. About a year ago, I

came across some pictures of the Casino on the web; it was actually Lisa

Lamb's excellent www.side-o-lamb.com site. They fascinated me and led to

research on how such a beautiful building in a prime oceanfront position

could have been allowed to deteriorate so much. Then, I did some more

digging on the web and learnt all about Asbury Park, its past problems and

the redevelopment scheme. As someone who is interested in historic

buildings, architecture and urban renewal, this was fascinating stuff indeed!

So, anyway, I've been following progress with much interest and listening

to your show on the web every week. Keep up the good work. I'm hoping I'll

get to visit Asbury Park sometime in the next few years. Fingers crossed

that the redevelopment will be finally underway by then!

Take care,

David Roberts

 In a message dated 11/29/2003 5:34:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, daveroberts@email.com writes:


I would be very pleased if you mentioned my thoughts on your website or radio show. Please feel free to use them wherever you wish.

You asked about how I am so aware of Asbury's current condition? Well, since I first became interested in Asbury, I think I must have looked at 100s of photos of it on the net. There are quite a few websites with sections about the City. I will list some below:


So, by running regular searches on Google, it's possible to follow Asbury's progress 'photographically' as new photos are added to various websites! Things like knowing that the doors to the Casino carousel house have recently had murals depicting fake windows painted upon them. Amazing how I can know things like that from 3,000 miles away, isn't it!! Shows how powerful the Internet can be.

Now, moving on, perhaps I can give you a total outsider's, i.e. that would be me!, view of Asbury Park. As someone who lives 3,000 miles away, I hope it will be fairly objective!

1) The main word I come up with in connection with the city is Potential. You've said the same thing; this is prime real estate and there is  a real opportunity to create something great, just as James Bradley originally did. And, just as you do, I sense that there seems to be a feeling that 'there is no alternative to Asbury Partners redevelopment scheme!' . Which brings me to my next point...

2) Why does Asbury need a private company to handle the redevelopment at all? In the UK, such things are handled by a redevelopment corporation, a public body that does not have profit as its primary motive. I think that Asbury would benefit from something similar - with a private developer, the temptation to increase the development density, cut corners/quality and boost their profits is always there. I hear Asbury Partners is hoping to make around $100m profit? A publicly owned redevelopment corporation could reduce the density of the development, ensure a far higher standard of design/construction on the new buildings, pay for the renovation of all the Boardwalk buildings, pay all its own running costs...and still have enough money left over at the end to wipe out the City's debt.

3) As I said earlier, I live 3,000 miles away and yet I had already heard of the city, thanks to Bruce Springsteen. I've got the album, in fact. I note that some people in Asbury discount the potential of the Springsteen effect to draw money into the city - they should take a look on the web and see how many sites there are that talk about Asbury and their visits there just to see the landmarks like the Casino, Palace etc. Properly harnessed, it could be a real money earner.

4) I've been quite amazed at the way local government works in Asbury. The level of corruption in the past was incredible. Things seem to be better now (I hope!). But the point I wanted to make was...I've looked at many varied photos of Asbury in its current state and I must ask - where are all the City employees and what do they do all day?! I see the sidewalks lined with large weeds, litter everywhere, untidy vacant lots, graffiti on highly visible buildings like the Casino etc etc. I know money is very tight for the City but these things can be remedied just by using existing manpower. With a couple of men and a thousand dollars, I could improve the look of the whole area significantly in a week or so!

As for me, I live in a seaside town called Llandudno in North Wales, which is about 50 miles from Liverpool, in the North-West of the UK. Funnily enough, we have quite a few seaside resorts in a similar situation to Asbury. The parallels are uncanny.


Subj: Re: Re: Congrats, Again
Date: 3/15/2003 11:41:03 AM Eastern Standard Time
Dear Restore by the Shore:

I would like to commend Maureen & Bob and everyone at Restore by the Shore for the wonderfully informative show last Thursday evening.  Maureen is certainly a well-informed host.

Restore has become an important voice for Asbury Park - just listen to the phones ringing off the hook in the studio!  You guys also walk the fine line of presenting alternative viewpoints without ever going negative.  Congratulations and keep up the good work. 

Maire Martello


Subj: Re: Cat Parade!!
Date: 2/20/03 10:59:46 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: torreargentina@tiscalinet.it
To: Restore881FM@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

oh my, I don't remember about the cat spraying, sorry :-)) !!!
I dunno about hearing the show at midnight, but it's possible, i'll try !

Maybe it would be better to give the website - www.romancats.com , 'cause
it's easy to remember! one of the sections is called "You Can Help" and all
the info is there.

thanks again for everything Maureen! (you know, I discovered that Bruce Springsteen
is pretty popular in Italy - lots of people know about "The Boss")

a presto ! Lucia et. al. (and cats)

(In a prior mail -Hi Maureen !

Our mailing address is:

Silvia Viviani
Via Marco Papio 15

(You may want to spell it out because even Italians mistake
the address for Via MARCO POLO and it isn't :-)

Anyway we don't have an address here at the shelter because we're
in the middle of the ruins under the ground.  (I know
you realize this because I remember meeting you here once - I think
we talked about Bruce Springsteen :-))

THANKS for everything !! (Can we hear your station on the web by chance?)

                Subj: Re: Oceans apart? Not really
Date: 2/14/03 12:15:40 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Joelhgoldberg
To: Restore881FM

Hi Maureen! Enjoyed your Thursday (2-13) program from a temporary new vantage point--the Pacific ocean, which I can see from this computer in Mendocino, California, where I'm visiting good friends Ron and Miriam. Here on this coast, 3,000 miles from the Atlantic coast, there are questions about renovation and preservation too--including remarkable line-of sight similarities. Your program puts everything in perspective. The main difference here on the western shore is that your program airs at 3 p.m. rather than 6 p.m. ~~~ All best, Joel from Enon, Ohio. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Happy Valentine's Day!