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Redevelopment Snag - City Tries to Light Fire Under Asbury Partners

April 12 2006  -- City Releases Full Text of Dispute Resolution with Beachfront Development Partners  Read Now  Take a look at last 'whereas' on pg. 2. Our other concerns: Where will the money be deposited? Why should the city incur costs (for an arbitrator) when the Partners fail to uphold the agreement? Your opinions invited: Click

Upon Reflection: APPress' editorial today, 4/10, shows editorial writers must've taken a closer look at the facts re. Asbury's revised agreement (Download docs in PDF Goals Joint Issues) with the Partners. But APP is way out of step on SOSH -- no one is defending their design for the boardwalk anymore-- not even Asbury Partners. See Council News  Your opinion? Click  Your Opinions Posted

NYT and APPress Laud City's revised agreement with Asbury Partners... 04/05/06- City of Asbury Park Council Votes for Supplemental Agreement with Asbury Partners -