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Council Actions

NYT and APPress Laud City's revised agreement with Asbury Partners...

4/05/06- Asbury Radio's report: City of Asbury Park Council Votes for Supplemental Agreement with Asbury Partners - ~ With only Exhibit F, not A - E,  provided to the public, 4 out of 5 council members approved in resolution form the revised agreement. What got Asbury Radio's antennae up? Under Penalties for Non-Performance, you won't find a dollar sign, but you will see "Disputes will be confidential" Download docs in PDF Goals Joint Issues The Partners weren't fulfilling their contractual obligations so now we've agreed to use an arbitrator. Is this a union agreement? Would you settle for this from your contractor? No, you'd fire the contractor!! (If the new agreement had been introduced as an amendment to the existing agreement that was passed by ordinance, the revision would've been subject to two public readings and unlimited public comment during the council meetings.) Also tonight (4/5) appraisals go ahead on Baronet Theater, Wonder Bar, Kingsley Deli and others... All come under eminent domain.  Your opinion? Click 

Mtg. Jan. 27 -Asbury Park City Council to Draft New Agreement with Asbury Partners ~ Story and Sidebar on Council