Conversation with Pat Fasano, July 13, 2006

Asbury Radio: Is your intention to save the Baronet as is? Or pull a Dominic (Santana. Owner of the Stone Pony, who sold the club after fans rallied and petitioned to save the club's location, which has not changed, but is still not guaranteed)?

Fasano: "Walter Burns called over a year ago to ask me to buy the Baronet and the Fast Lane from him. He had been hospitalized in a coma and was still very frail. He's in his mid-70s.

I said, 'it's in the redevelopment zone; sell it to Fishman' (Asbury Partners). He was desperate, since the property was going into foreclosure.
I got him a real estate agent. Months of negotiation passed.
Walter calls back very upset. Fishman only wants to threaten him.
Fishman doesn't want to buy property; he wants to steal from the weak.
I paid him (Walter Burns) a very fair price.
Because since *I had done the entire 300 block of 4th, I thought I might be able to buy the redevelopment rights from Fishman. But he won't sell them.
I offered $10 million for that block. He won't take it.
He doesn't want to sell me the development rights, fine.
The Wonder Bar, The Fast Lane, Asbury Lanes, the F&H paint store building, the apartment houses on Second Ave., all should be removed from the redevelopment plan. The only reason they're destroying the heritage of this town is to satisfy Fishman's greed.

I'll sell it to the Historical Society...I'll keep it...Fishman ain't gettin' it."

* Fasano has restored or rehabbed numerous buildings in downtown Asbury Park, on Cookman and Mattison avenues, on Main St. and elsewhere in the city.