Asbury Radio's New Theme Song - Asbury Radio Rumba!! - By Lipman & The Lips (Joan and Mark Lipman) is for sale. Buy the CD - Or Get a Theme Song of Your Own!! Here's how:

That's right. You can have your very own custom-made-to-fit-you theme song by Mark & Joan. Just drop them a line today!

Read on to find out how you can buy Lipman & The Lips latest CD - with or without our theme song.

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 The New ten song Lip Man and the Lips CD will be released shortly and will include remastered versions of our Lip Man and the Lips Greatest Hits (ha ha!). With each CD ordered, for $5 more, we will write and record a customized "comedy rock song" and add it to our album as a "bonus track". The song can about any subject they want. All they have to do is give us a bunch of background information.

The pricelist is below. If you want the CD to include the radio version, please email your permission and we'll do it as a "bonus" 11th song and we will contribute $1 to whatever charity you designate for each one sold. We may offer it on Ebay etc. in the future. Listeners can email their order request to our email address with the words "Lips CD" in the subject line and we will send them ordering instructions by email for speedy delivery.

Price List:
$10 for ten-song CD
$15 for ten-song CD plus customized original bonus song
All CDs will include the original Asbury Park Rhumba and an 11th bonus track of the Asbury Park Radio Rumba (with Maureen's permission).
$1 for each CD ordered will be contributed to a charity designated by Asbury Radio.
All orders include free shipping and handling!

Here's a Lips promo.


Mark and Joan
A few copies of our old theme - Mr. Fixit - are still available for sale. $10 and it goes to Booker Cancer Center at Riverview Hospital - Write us.