Yup that's our Tillie peering out from the city's sewer plant, suddenly abandoned after public interest that eclipsed even the loss of the 1888 Carousel House. Ah, it must be lonely at the top.


Is he shrinkwrapped? He had to be shrinkwrapped, according to Bob.

A sewage plant.......he should be on the State flag!
Corey Maccaro


Hi Maur,
    Just came home and heard your message.  Very Funny...You should call it

"Tillie at Flushing Meadows".  Thanks for the chuckle.  
A little poem to go with the picture:

The House that held our Carousel
They came at dawn to send to hell.
But Tillie's silly cement smile
They carved and trucked away a mile.
Our past had made our city dapper,
Now Fishmans send it to the crapper.

Frank D'Alessandro