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July 18, 2004
Section: C
Page: 02


Line in the sand


Sophie Bubis, 81, is one to stand her ground. Or, more precisely, "stand her sand." For the past nine years, Bubis has invested lots of time and money fighting for beach access after her ocean view was taken away.

Her battle began when a couple purchased the former Loch Arbour Beach Club property and built a sand berm that blocks Bubis' view of the ocean. Ever since, Bubis has been a tireless advocate for beach access - particularly access to the beach in front of the former beach club, which was converted into a residence by Jack and Joyce Kassin.

On Aug. 2, Bubis will appear in Ocean Township municipal court to answer charges that she trespassed on the private beach on June 27. The Kassins do own the beach there, but their property line stops at the mean high water mark. It was in that area where Bubis was issued the summons. The summons didn't slow her up - she returned to the same stretch of sand with a group of friends on July 4.

She's got spunk, but she's also got legitimate beefs. The ocean does not belong to the Kassins. Neither does the sand below the high water mark. The couple was ordered by the courts to provide beach access, and after delays they put in an elevated pathway that dumps off at a treacherous, rocky area. Superior Court Judge Alexander D. Lehrer should consider the number of years this beach has been off limits to the public and order the Kassins to immediately complete the walkway or remove other obstacles when a motion by Bubis comes before him on Friday.

Municipal Court Judge Joel Kreizman should dismiss the trespassing complaint. And the Tidelands Resource Council must deny the Kassins' request to purchase the state claim on their property. The public, including Bubis, has the right to be there to swim, fish or sit on the sand and enjoy the ocean view.



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