Show Highlights in 2005 –


Changed our name from Restore by the Shore – Restore Radio – to Asbury Radio


Raised our profile with some well-known guests – Doug Forrester, candidate for gov. and mystery writer Mary Jane Clark – Dancing in the Dark – Suzette Kelo or Kelo vs New London, Conn. live on the show; like Gannett Bureau chief and columnist Bob Ingle called in pretty regularly…

BTW we owe the Bob Ingle breakthroughs to the gutsy Maire Martello, who took over the studio for me several times and certainly earned the title of co-host of Asbury Radio this year. Thanks Maire!!


On my list –

Dec 8 – Rosie the Riveter always my favorite show


Dec 1st  and Oct 13th show – about The Two Waterfront Redevelopment Plans – oh that that’s not the plan, you thought that was the plan??? What just because it was on our website, or, or maybe because we were selling it for 30 bucks a pop? That doesn’t mean it’s the plan – that was never the plan, no. Sciannemeo, Keady, Baumgartner all weighed in with some pretty good insights.

Nov 17th – Henry Vaccaro on Johnny Cash – excellent interview conducted by Bob Rizzi of Spring Lake, great job

OCT 20– Freeholder candidates – very informative, Brian Unger actually congratulating his two female opponents, Barbara McMorrow and Rebecca Aaronson, on some of their ideas, saying he’d use them himself.

Oct. 6th – [rescheduled from Aug 11] the assembly candidates debate: incumbents Sean Kean and Steve Corodemus vs. jim reilly and matt Doherty debate gay marriage, eminent domain, taxes, housing, you name it. Good debate

Sept. 29th – I made dinner, remember? Cocktails on the roof terrace? With the man who kept our hinges oiled for 5 years, Tom Boyd,  finally graced our studios with his thoughts on music writing, preservation and life. Also on that show Mon. Cty Human Relations Commission, Fatima V. Potente, Exec. Dir., of Hispanic Affairs & Resource Ctr. of Mon. Cty,  and Yesenia Sarabia-Peiker, with the Office on Aging, to talk about the rights of foreign-born workers.

Sept 22 – ArtsCAP – the artists coalition of AP decides to buy the Kinmonth building for a down payment of $250k / Terri Thomas explained the plan and on that same show Terri got to clown it up with one of the handsomest guys we’ve had in this studio, 3 days of rain filmmaker, Michael Meredith. Who didn’t leave his address in our guest book, I might add…

Sept 15 – another filmmaker Julie lynch, remember her movie? Getting Off, about self esteem and AIDS among women. We were still realing from Katrina.

Sept 8 – Katrina – Sharon Boone of AP orig. New Orleans, and daughter Michele and her husband Darryl Smith

Sept 1 – Dan explains the Triangle sale - $175,000 for …???

Fast Reverse

Aug 4 – Mary Jane Clark

July 21 and 28 we had eminent domain shows – Suzette Kelo

7/14 – we worried over Wesley Lake with the Lesinskis and Cindy Cisler and Jim Keady, Werner Baumgartner.

Jun 30 – Pattie Patton Band and Mark And Joan Lipman

Jun 23 – Felice Busto and her rescued horses, remember? The horse paintings?

 Jun 16 – Chico Rouse does a whole jazz retrospect with us – dynamite – Jim Keady gives us the lowdown on what went wrong with the attempt to employ hundreds of local kid for the summer. Hint – it was not so much the city’s fault this time.

Jun 9 – Angelo Florio and Ted Landers – rainin’ actors it was / Angelo’s unforgettable tape of the night he was shot in the chest at close range when his undercover operation went bad.

June 2 – Glory Days comes out, Helen Pike joins us, along with Andy B of the Voodudes.

May 26 – Christine Horner, MD, with her breast cancer fighting book, The Warrior Goddess. Saw doc on CNN after that. She now has a vitamin compound for protecting against breast cancer. Gary Wien of upstage joined us, too. Committee man Chris Siciliano called in about how he kept Ocean Twp from overdevelopment of 35 where they wanted to site a Stop n Shop/ Gavin McGrath, of AP high school called in for a chat

May 19th – Nicky Addeo, musician, songwriter, singer/Peter Lucia, author, historian, mensch

Discussion on affordable housing


The AP Elections – how many did we have on? I counted 14

Feb – Gregg Jupa/ my tri muse group, Pat Florio, Carole McAllister

Ran out of time here...

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