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My Name is John Pfeiffer. I had been partners with Chris going back to the good ole days at The Brighton and the Broadway central Cafe in South Amboy with Wayne and the rest of the crazy crew. I was happy to see that such a genuine caring memorial was written for him. The guy was instrumental in helping most of the artists in Monmouth & ocean county as far back as 1980. I know because i was one of them. Anyhow, thanks for giving my friend the respect he deserved. you are truly good people.

John Pfeiffer

Lustrevision/World Beyond

Subject: Chris Barry
Date: 5/10/2006 10:29:59 AM Eastern Standard Time


Chris Barry was a good friend. A great supporter of local music and the local scene. I don't think there was anyone quite like him. He was the kind of person that you knew was in the room, even if you were 50 feet away. He had a great presence. I loved his rambling band introductions, "Here they are, from the 609 area code, The Commons!" We never brought anyone to shows, but he loved the music, and kept booking us anyway, a very rare thing these days.

I remember how someone was reading a poem or something at the Broadway one night. The poem kept referring to a "dog". Sean and I were drinking with Chris at the end of the bar, and Chris just started shouting "the dog was a pathological liar!!!", over and over. I guess you had to be there, but it still cracks us up to this day.

His writing style was all his own. The first time you read it, you were not sure what the heck he was talking about, if he liked your band, or if he was just taking the piss out of you. But, after you read through it about 3 times you realized that he was more thorough than anyone in his reviews. I hope he finished his book and that I can read it someday. There was more to his writing than just reviewing shitty bands.

I'm totally gutted by this. It's a tremendous loss to the local music scene. He helped more bands get there first ever show, than anyone else. I'll miss the big bear hug he would give me, after I had not seen him in a while. Chris Barry was the truth.

I miss you already buddy!!!

Your Friend

Keith Monacchio

The Commons