Restore by the Shore

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Thursdays 6 - 7 PM                                                   Asbury Park, NJ 07712

fax/phone 732-774-0779  


Contract to Advertise


I ____________________(company official) _________________(title) of

_______________________________________(name of business) want to sponsor "Restore by the Shore," for (min. 4 weeks) _____________beginning on _________________(date) through _______________.  I understand that my _____( 15, 20 or 30 )-second ad will run ___( 1- 3 ) times during the show. This contract is for (   months) for a total of $___   (choose rate based on length and frequency of ad from rate sheet) , which I agree to pay in advance.  As a 20-second or greater advertiser, I am automatically entitled to a web ad on Restores Home Page.

If I supply a logo or photo, I will pay a $10 a month fee to cover hosting costs. (Applies to per-spot advertisers only.)  If I require that Restore take photos at my instruction, I will pay $30 for this service per event. Limit 2 photos.

I desire a Full Page Web Ad.  Content attached or to be supplied.

Content of spots: In addition to the name _______________________ and location _________________of my business, I would like the following information mentioned: _____________________,  _________________ and ________________________. Ads are read three times during the show. You can have different information in each slot.

The content I would like to appear in my web presence: (Attach page if necessary.)

Signed: ______________________________


Signed:  _______________________For  "Restore by the Shore" Please make check payable to S. Maureen Nevin.