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October 26th

My student, Jeanne Dilemmo, visits the studio! For discussion - the meaning behind the violence in Asbury Park.

November 2

The Pols fill the studio - Republicans, Democrats, Independents - on the senate and local races. Buckle your seatbelts, it's going to be a rocky night.


Future Programs - TBA

A Homeless Shelter for Asbury Park

Few issues in recent years have ignited as much rage and elicited as immediate a call to action as the Market Street Mission's plans to build a homeless shelter on Memorial Ave. by Asbury and Sewell avenues, in Asbury Park. Critics are frantically gathering funds to wage a lawsuit. Signs reading "Standup for Asbury," are popping up everywhere. The prospect of pedophiles and rapists being housed in a residential neighborhood, and reports that gay residents will be admitted but be labeled impaired have homeowners in the residential area inflamed.

But where are people without homes, in this increasingly inhospitable rental market to sleep at night? Critics also charge that the home will be accepting homeless bussed in from cities all over NJ. Why must Asbury Park take on more than its share of the humanitarian burdens of the state? It is a statewide problem that needs statewide answers. If you'd like to nominate guests for this show, please call Maureen at 732-774-0779 or email me.   

Mental Health and Asbury Park - The Mind/Body Series

It is a fact of urban life in America that our mentally ill are often housed in our most blighted cities. Asbury Park became a welcoming city for persons with mental handicaps decades ago. Now as a redeveloping city many of these facilities will be vacated. What will happen to these inhabitants? How many are we talking about? What's the nature of the majority of mental conditions? Are there better therapies today? Asbury Radio plans to host a series of shows on these questions, with health practitioners, community leaders, state officials and the authors of some ground breaking books: among them, Schizophrenia Revealed, Community Mental Health: A Practical Guide and In Search of Memory - the Emergence of a New Science of Mind (by Nobel prize-winner Eric Kandel).  The Mental Health Association of NJ has already expressed an interest in participating in this series.  I hope you'll write us with your suggestions and ideas for and about this series. Click






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