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March 16

St. Patty's Show - The Irish & Eviction -- Long Branch & Eminent Domain-- the Connection -- with L.B. residents Lori Vendetti, Bill Giordano and Dee Hoagland ~Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider. Top of the show features, live in the studio, NJ Rep Actors straight from rehearsals at the Lumia Theater in L.B., for the next production, Women of Locherbie.  At 8:30 PM, Bureau Chief Andy Alexander of Cox Newspapers fills us in on Sunshine Week. Are we winning or losing the battle for open government and access to public records? The Irish Music of John Cosgrove and others… Maire Mulholland Martello Returns

March 23

The Rebirth of Boxing and the Baronet and the Fast Lane and the Return of the Garden State Film Festival to Asbury Park - with Diane Raver, Bill Richardson and Pat Fasano. Music Woman Rennie Bidgood on piano, drum and voice. Maire, too!

March 30

AP Action, Asbury Park’s own activist voters group, shares their goals with us and their hopes for the April Board of Education elections. Singer Gena Lee Battaglia and coach Cookie Smith join us.