Casino in Pieces -Mon. 2/21-Workers for Asbury Partners collect window frames after historian Werner Baumgartner explained that the wood is clad in copper and the window units should be unscrewed in large sections and preserved. The workers had been smashing the glass in order to rid the historic building of cracked windows for safety reasons. The Secretary of the Interior's Office is responsible for advising owners on such tasks performed on landmark buildings. If you would like some of the postcards above to mail to city hall, please email us or call 732-774-0779.

The current plan is to have a walkway reopened to the Ocean Grove side, through the Casino, before Summer. We congratulate Asbury Partners on establishing this goal and urge them to follow the Secretary's guidelines, and ask for help whenever they're not sure.

Where is The Casino's Missing Medusa? The thieves that stole one of the dozen or so priceless Medusas that span the circular carousel building of the Casino have not come forward. If you should see the Medusa or see an ad for it, we urge you to contact the Asbury Park Police immediately. 732-774-1300