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Gov Witnesses Fall of AP's "Berlin Wall" C-8 Demolition (circa 2002?)

"Today is a day for action," Governor James McGreevey said today, as he joined those assembled to witness Henry Vaccaro demo part of the aborted condo complex on 4th Ave, known as the C-8 building. On cue, Vaccaro clenched the jaws of his big yellow cat around a slab of concrete ripping it from the massive steel structure. Then he flattened the fallen arched form with a tap of the giant claw. "Let's hear it for Mr Vaccaro, cheered McGreevey, who told host, Maureen Nevin, above right, that he's a Restore Radio listener!!

UEZ chief Tom Gilmour likened the event to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Asked by the Star-Ledger what it separated, Gilmour quickly replied, "The past from the future." Stephen Henderson's company, S&W General Contracting, Cherry Hill, won bid for boardwalk demolition. See below right.

(Ironically, Vaccaro also built the C-8. Now he has the contract to destroy it. Mixed emotions.)

Henderson told Restore that he spends lots of time here in Asbury. His aunt owns CH Mabel's, the shop inside Convention Hall. Henderson says he's "been here since 1999 waiting for the development of Asbury Park."