The Britwood Litigation







Freehold -Appellate Court Declares City Can't Require Property Owners Renovating Buildings in Redevelopment Zone to Pay Infrastructure Costs. - Read Paul Fernicola's Summary of Judges' Opinion, which applies statewide. Listen to Paul's comments on the decision in 9 o'clock hour of 4/21/05 show.NOTE: The Britwood restorers did their own infrastructure work.

Attorneys for The Britwood, who are also representing clients suing for the right to develop their own properties, say this decision should help these owners. In both cases, attorney Paul Fernicola argued that the State Land Use Law governs applications to develop properties in a redevelopment zone. The City and Asbury Partners argued that the State Redevelopment Law superceded the state land use law. The Appellate Court has now ruled that the State Land Use Law does control such development applications and rejected the argument that the redevelopment law superceded the State Land Use Law as argued by the City Council and Asbury Partners.(Photos: Britwood Court Before and After Restoration by Rich DePetro and partners)