The Branscombe Choral - Led by Gena Branscombe

Imagine a female conductor and composer in a time - the 1930s and 1940s - when most women couldn't drive an automobile. Stumbling upon Branscombe's work many years ago, the beautiful and talented soprano, Kathleen Shimeta, became enthralled with Branscombe's dedication to her craft and decided to dedicate herself to learning all she could about Branscombe, her music, her chorus and the many women of her choral, who gave so much of their hard lives in order to bring Branscombe's music to the war weary Americans across the country. 

You may be able to help Kathleen. Do you recognize any of the women in this photo (email me for the larger original)? How about the names listed below? If you do recognize anyone in the choral, please write us with the name and/or position of the performer as soon as possible at and will make sure that Kathleen receives it. Thanks! And, please tell your friends...

1949 Branscombe Choral Spring Concert --Town Hall - New York City

First Sopranos


Bergman, Jeannette Austin

Biscaye, Ruth Eginton

Christman, Carolyn

DeLancey, Elaine

Druhl, Edna T.

Fisher, Harriet

Gerennger, Matilda

Gregg, Sadie J.

Henske, Catherine R.

Knuth, Edna V.

MacDougall, Mary Jane

Manning, Eleanor

Martin, Barbara

Martin, Betty

Ott, Carrie

Pavelites, Edith

Persina, Alzier E.

Quin, Ethel C.

Regan, Mary Rose

Rink, Rita H.

Ronan, Kathryn

Strauss, Gertrude S.

Van Zandt, Marian

Vogelzang, Annamae

Wichmann, Esther G.

Willis, Anne

Wyckoff, Eugenia V.

Zieries, Marie


Second Sopranos


Bleimeyer, Lillian M.

Constant, Sadie M.

Garrett, Anne S.

Gibney, Anne M.

Griner, Muriel B.

Hawxhurst, Helen Ruth

Hayes, Frances

Klaer, Bertha

Knowlton, Ann W.

Madden, Elizabeth

Lorber, Frieda L.

Oster, Mae

Raynor, Constance V.

Rome, Vera

Sherwood, Mildred

Van Buren, Letitia

Within, Faith

First Altos


Bose, Hortense B.

Browning, Minnie

Davidson, Emma B.

Delfs, Lucy C.

Hallett, Helen K.

Holden Ruth

Husted, Elizabeth Jay

MacDonald, Ruth E.

Mitchell, Hazel L.

Mooney, Margaret M.

Symonds, Dorothy

Toran, Germaine S.

Woodhouse, Esther

Second Altos


Allan, Lillian

Carey, Jane L.

DeRose, Ada W.

Ebersole, Mable

Fenn, Estelle V.

Flashner, Amy

Marcy-, Marion M.

Palmer, Vera

Pickering, Isabelle

Robertson, Olivia

Weiss, Ethel D.