What else is scheduled for the wrecking ball? (page under construction] pls scroll down

 l- Gokberk & Kary houses r-Karpinski's, all 3 are under eminent domain/planned for demolition (photos: Restore Radio)


  The Jersey Apartments, the second oldest apartment building in AP, on Second Ave.  - Do you have photos of other landmarks subject to eminent domain and possible demolition? Please send jpgs. Photos by Ortiz

The Baronet Theater,Fast Lane, Asbury Lanes, 4th Av to be demolished

East or Ocean Wing of Casino - demolished- and remainder made into a mall; the Palace to be demolished (some salvaged pieces to be used in new hotel on the site ). Convention Hall, Paramount Theater, the Pavilions, Casino, Carousel House, & Heating Plant (photo: D. Hamby) will be in private hands for the first time in their history. The green spaces between the pavilions - leased to Asbury Partners for 99 years. Casino, Carousel House, & Heating Plant - on an acre of oceanfront - offered for sale to the Partners for just $1.5 mn. Offer expired April 2004, but council has not opened the parcel for a realistic bid.

    Photos by Ortiz

 Band Shell made world famous by Arthur Pryor will be demolished to add a floor of retail space on the new pavilion.

And Palace from rear, showing the red & white roof of carousel house that Stephen Crane (Red Badge of Courage author) wrote about in short stories. Plan calls for Palace to be torn down and rebuilt as a theme shopping center and hotel.