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Read Asbury Partners' Letter to Council member Loffredo re. plans for Baronet. Note: letter was sent to Loffredo and copied to deputy mayor Jim Bruno - ONLY. This speaks volumes about the sway the Partners think they hold over the governing body - that they can ignore the other councilmen. Do Partners think Loffredo is more vulnerable because he makes his living selling real estate in Asbury Park?

Subject: Does Loffredo Appear Vulnerable

Date: 8/25/2006 6:11:30 PM Eastern Standard Time



It appears that Deputy Bruno was copied on this letter (see cc:). Also, it appears that the letter is in response to an inquiry by Councilman Loffredo. Thus, I do not think it speaks to any vulnerability of his perceived by Asbury Partners. If I were to speculate that the catalyst for this letter is anything beyond that, I suspect that Asbury Partners may be aware of Councilman Loffredo's love of and commitment to the arts. In any event, it is clear that Asbury Partners thought that the councilman's vote was not securely in its camp. I think we owe it, not only to Councilman Loffredo, but to our cause, to set the record straight. 

More important than this issue, however, is the fact that the terms of that letter, even if made legally binding, does not secure the preservation of that building. Aside from the importance of venues for community theatre, what is at issue, is the fact that this is the only 1913 Art Deco theatre that this community has. We, and other communities, have lost too many fabrics of our history. It is needless to point out to you that this is made more by the fact that the other remnants of our architectural and cultural past currently lie in tatters at the hands of this redevelopment and decades of unconscionable neglect. Hopefully, Councilman Loffredo and the other members of our governing body will see to it that this omission (in the letter) is set right and that this cultural landmark will be saved for future generations of Asbury Park citizens and visitors no matter who owns it.

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