The Jersey Apartments -See latest correspondence on the battle to save the Jersey. Asbury's Second Restoration Nears Completion*  See the Tale of Redevelopment explained on Assemblyman Sean Kean's show "NJ Update"  on Chnl 77, Thurs 4/22 at 7 pm - guests include Rich DePetro and Paul Fernicola, esq.   Property Owner Protests Eminent Domain/Blocking Restoration Banner says: "The Mayor, Council and Asbury Partners want to tear down this Landmark Building. Tell them we need our historic buildings NOT weed strewn vacant lots."  Jersey Apts, 212 2nd Ave. Second Oldest Apt. Bldg in Asbury.







Jersey Apartments During & Before Restoration - *Will the AP city council and the waterfront redevelopment rights holder, Asbury Partners, allow the Jersey's restoration to continue? Restore's survey showed that 118 (out of a possible 148) respondents want it saved. What's your vote? click

   After Exterior Restoration

The partially restored Jersey.   Its Sister next door is the Britwoods Court (photos by Restore) fully restored and occupied.

(Below) A welder prepares another balcony for the Jersey. These Spanish Mission-Style buildings have been painstakingly restored by expert craftsmen. Pictured above is Richard DePetro of Jersey & Brittwood Urban Renewal with a buyer of one of the Britwoods condos, and her friends, and his foreman Javier.  Learn more about the Jersey at






From Rene's kitchen window

These photos courtesy of Marie Ortiz

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