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to:                 Mr. Hermann Larose   732-774-5266

from:           Maureen Nevin   732-502-0448, 611 4th Ave & 3 Deal Lake Ct.

subject:     "restore by the shore"

date:           January 27, 2000


Proposed Segment - "Restore by the Shore"

 Asbury Park is buzzing with redevelopment -- both the hands-on variety and the mega-million dollar kind being proposed now by large corporations --and,  understandably people want to know what's going on. More importantly, they don't want to be left out of what promises to be one of the most exciting eras in Asbury Park's history.  WYGG can ensure that they don't lose on either front.

"Restore by the Shore" can keep the population plugged into what's going on throughout this dynamic period. I envision it as very much a local radio show, with featured guests -- such as government officials to explain numerous things from the confusing world of building permits to how listeners can gain their fair share of reconstruction grants. Local realtors and mortgage lenders will tell us how to obtain that all important first home. Decorators, painters, electricians, plumbers and contractors will answer the tough questions; how do I jack up that sagging front porch? What's the state of the art in roofing material? How do I choose an interior style that won't clash with the exterior? When do I call a professional painter -- as opposed to my spouse? What are the five most common mistakes that people make when working with a contractor on their home improvement?

Best of all, because "Restore by the Shore" is a local radio show, we'll be telling people, including those who call into us, where they can find the bits and pieces that may be eluding them - like that bit of missing railing for my Victorian house. We'll have residents who have restored their homes tell us how they did it -- and where they found the bits and pieces --  locally! Eventually, I can imagine lots of merchants wanting to help sponsor this show.

It is my sincere hope that "Restore by the Shore" will help local merchants -- from anchor stores to mom and pops -- thrive with our redevelopment! Of course, we'll feature new as well as established business owners. As a journalist, I witnessed the rebuilding of another major city, which could have included in the process many more of its residents than it did. I believe that Asbury Park can learn from that lesson and create a redevelopment that is truly one of inclusion.

Because I am new to the area, I can bring some fresh insights and perspectives. My co-host, (name withheld), who was raised in the area, can keep us on point with local history. Because we're at that young grandmother age and both single homeowners, we can relate to the many different issues concerning a broad age group. As a journalist, I'm used to asking questions and have never lost my insatiable desire to learn. I'd like to share this with your listeners.

Sincerely,   Maureen Nevin (originally written with a friend who decided to be a listener instead.)